Apr 25, 2008
- Haruto is a street magician
- Magician villains and not just phantoms. Fueki as a lone puppetmaster sounds a little boring.
- The existence of Magic Land
- Shunpei is replaced by a cute animal familiar, idk...
- Eliminate Wajima, just have "Kamen Rider Wiseman" give Haruto upgrades
- Rinko as love interest. More focus on the police investigating the Phantoms.
- Koyomi turns evil at some point
- Nitoh as Koyomi's love interest. He should die/get in a vegetative state or something... maybe at the hands of the magician villains I mentioned.
- More focus on Koyomi's new life.
- Quit it with that Drago Timer, it's not as awesome as it sounds.
- Phoenix should get a better death.
- A female mentor for Haruto. Maybe like a motherly landlord type.
- Gremlin not as final villain, maybe Infinity Style villain.

I'm not sure if this'll make things worse or not, but at least it won't be the blank slate Wizard was.

I KNEW they should've made Haruto into a street/travelling magician! And for Koyomi to be his "lovely" assistant.
Jun 5, 2012
As for me, I would keep the main plot of Fueki's plan to revive Koyomi, but:
1. Of course give Koyomi more screen times, her and Haruto are actually a couple. In the end, Koyomi stays dead
2. An evil Rider who works for the Phantoms, maybe a maniac-criminal like Ouja who is able to overcome despair and become an evil wizard. Might as well have him play the role of Gremlin, but darker and more serious
3. Have Mayu appear sooner and then returns as a Rider at around episode 30s. If possible, give her a crush on Naruto and have her make Haruto feel better after Koyomi die
4. The phantoms win more
5. Keep Nitou character the same way. His scene fighting to stop Fueki's Sabbath was epic
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Oct 22, 2014
1: Introduce the mage rider much earlier on, so it doesn't feel like a 2 rider show with more tacked on the end.


3: Make Nitou better sooner. He was only really likeable after the kid (forgot his name) showed up.

4: Have the phantoms actually convert someone at least once -_-

5: Have Phoenix escape the sun at the end and be the final villain. It was such a daft way of getting rid of him. Every time he resurrects, he gets more powerful, he's probably a god by now.
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Jun 19, 2007
If I were to rewrite Kamen Rider Wizard, here's what I would change:

1) Make Haruto and Koyomi have no memories of the last solar eclipse and have Haruto act as Koyomi's protector for she holds the key of preserving the balance of light and dark magic.
2) The Phantoms would be former disciples of the White Wizard, but were rejected of being full-fledged wizards for letting their own personal obsessions with power and control consume them.
3) The Wiseman must be a separate character, not being the White Wizard in disguise.
4) Keep Ringo, but get rid of Shunpei because he's like the Shia LaBeouf of the show.
5) Wajima-san should be close friends of Haruto's parents because he and Haruto's father used to be college roommates.
6) Koyomi should be training to be the next White Wizard.
7) Nitou should already know the existence of the Beast Driver and the Chimera Phantom's curse as well before he even found the belt.
8) Bring back Phoenix, but give him a powerful form in the form of a Kamen Rider, like Enter as Dark Red Buster, but a lot more bad-ass and it must have a purpose why he has the form and why he was revived for the final battle.
9) Gremlin should already be rid of his human form and just stay a full-fledged phantom, but then he gets betrayed by Wiseman and is absorbed by Wiseman to complete his final form.
10) Make the White Wizard Koyomi's father, but only ensure that Koyomi will carry out the family legacy as the mother of all light magic.
11) Give Mayu her own female Kamen Rider suit, but in the form of Wizard with the colors of Kamen Rider Kiva-la from Movie Taisen 2010.

And finally, exclude the "Wizard Rider Rings" episodes, but make them as a one-hour TV special instead.

Also, show an actual crossover episode between Wizard and the Kyoryugers as a tie-in to Super Hero Taisen Z.

That's about it.