If Kamen Rider Wizard was rewritten by you or me...

1) All Dragon (and to a lesser extent the other dragon forms) is Dragon actually taking over Haruto and manifesting in Wizard, that way we actually have a reason for them to be not used and Infinity has more of an impact. I feel like this idea is kind of implied in the series anyways but I'd rather it has more of an impact and give Dragon more of a reason to be in the series.

2) On that note give Dragon and Chimera more of a presence. It doesn't well that they're the source of their power and they kinda just appear every 10 or so episodes.

3) Shunpei joins on as a ring appentice with Golem as his partner. Give him a reason to actually be there besides "he just wants to"

4) Introduce the mages earlier, would actually be interesting if one of them worked with Fueki. It would just be more interesting than Haruto vs Phantom all the damn time and wooo another plot device later in the show.

5) Give Haruto an actual backstory, I dunno something that actually warrants him needing to save everyone, care for Koyomi, etc. His parents dying and him being a soccer star who ruined someone else's career just doesn't have that conviction

That's all for now I guess
If Rinko and Shunpei would WANT to be useful, I would suggest...

- Rinko: Haruto should give her some silver bullets for her gun, as a means of defense against Phantoms.

- Shunpei: If he wants to be Haruto's apprentice, the White Wizard should give Haruto a book of spells for Shunpei to read and master. Perhaps a small version of the sword gun Haruto uses.


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*pulls collar*

For Wizard to be a good show, it may as well be taken straight back to the boardroom, torn up, and started afresh. This is a show that has elected to have an overarching plot that is too thin to cover a 50-odd episode show, have so much focus on the tired two-part format but with an especially generous percentage of the focus on one-off victims of the week (half of whom are unlikeable, or hang out with unlikeable douches), wastes its support cast, and as a whole, tightly adheres to an uninspiring theme of a hero bringing hope in a world of despair (which face it, is almost literally what superhero shows are about anyway) without even doing anything very interesting with that very insipid theme. I am not a writer, and it would require my time, so won't entertain the idea of rewriting Wizard.

But what would I do with the general exoskeleton of the show we've got to make it better? Goodness knows, really. I'll definitely deal with the following though:

+ The origins of Beast and Chimera. Beast is an archetype wizard, we have established that....so? You establish an ancient wizard and an accompanying ancient and mysterious beast, so naturally you would do something with them. You have potential for good lore and world-building. Go deeper into that aspect and give Nitou something to actually do and discover, rather than the irritating and redundant munchkin he is for almost his entire time onscreen.

+ I of course, would not have had Shunpei and Nitou in the same room as two separate characters. Certainly, I wouldn't have a character like Shunpei or 75% of Nitou at all, but my bosses would have landed a diktat on my desk instructing me to make one of those characters. Beast could well begin as a lowly ring apprentice who previously had, like Shunpei, delusions of grandeur, was exploited by a Phantom, and rescued by Haruto. Perhaps a deal with Chimera could have been a deal made by a naive young man with something akin to the devil. Does this sound slightly like Leangle? Bah, but it'd still be better than the redundant, immaculate hobo Nitou we began with.

+ Rinko can still be what she is, albeit a more competent one at that. Kuuga and Agito can give her lessons. Perhaps a running subplot in the show would be her discretionary investigations into the secretive activities of the mysterious Section Zero. Do we remember Kizaki? He could have been significant, as a lingering third party. I remember when he was all too eager to cover up Phantom activities from the general public. Imagine if there is a more pressing reason to do this. Maybe he's in on Fueki's plan or payroll. Maybe he could be Fueki. I dunno. Even this idea sounds questionable as I'm spontaneously typing this down, but it would still be more compelling than the Kizaki we got.

+ Heck, why go down the route of Kanzaki Shirou? Who needs the Koyomi story? Why can't Fueki simply be delighted at the idea of a growing cult composed of Phantom-resisting magic sensitives that can overthrow the current world and usher in a new order? A man who believes that only authoritarian control by those who know best can trample despair, rather than the unbridled corruption of the current world? I don't care if I'm half-inspired by the Templars from the Assassin's Creed series. It'd still be a more compelling, albeit less bittersweet/tragic sort of story for the show's main antagonist.

+ On the topic of Fueki and the White Wizard, would it not have been better for the man himself to be introduced earlier? The way the show handled White Wizard made us all believe they were pulling another Scorpio/Virgo Zodiarts, when it turned out that Kamen Rider Gandalf was really...oh, some dude. The more effective twist and climax of dramatic irony would not be everyone agape with shock that Gandalf is some middle-aged guy, but instead the twist that this Fueki character whom we have known and interacted with for at least fifteen episodes or so as a benign wizarding mentor figure, is Wiseman all along and has some nefarious plan to stamp his brand of authority on the world.

+ Should the Phantoms stick around, why not kill off a few Gates? There are some unlikeable Gates. No one would miss them if they were offed and a new Phantom mid-boss general replaced them. If that is not feasible for Toei executives for whatever reason, then perhaps one shouldn't base the villains off the idea of growth through the brutal despair and death of innocents. When all the existing show does is make the villains predictably fail for nearly the entirety of the show, where's the threat? Why should I be on the edge of my seat as our hero takes on what is tantamount to a bunch of badly dressed rubber suits telling a random salaryman to let the "fear of death" drive them to despair? I know the Sabbath and backstories of Phoenix and Medusa already depict the callousness and indifference of Fueki in regards to the monsters he has created, but some actual Phantom success would help aid the impression of just how unforgivably far-reaching his experiments have become.

+ I don't know how I would rewrite Dragon. If it had more of a presence, I fear it would have just been a rerun of Eiji and Ankh. I suppose I quite like the idea of Dragon being a double-edged sword. Haruto can channel powers from Dragon, but there is always that danger of Dragon either consuming him, or being released somehow and screwing up the world. But...that's Chimera territory. Unless the Beast-Chimera dynamic is a straight up Faustus-Mephistopheles one. I can't be arsed putting any more thought into this, so I'll leave it at that.

+ Let's face it. I wouldn't write a character like Koyomi to begin with and give her a position of such prominence in the overall plot. A smart, proactive sort of Rinko is more my kind of style. Someone with the very real potential to make it among the best in the Tokyo police force and an ally that Haruto can rely on for business other than magical arse-whupping.

+ You know the reviled Raum arc starring Rinko and Shunpei needlessly committing a thousand crimes (as well as nearly murdering a police officer) just to protect an idiotic, convicted arsonist who could easily acquire proof that he was innocent? Yes, that idiot plot would never have made it if I had any say on the show. What bollocks that was.

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Some of the Phantoms of the week would be female. It's absurd that there were only ever two female Phantoms when we saw several of them during the eclipse ritual, and when this show comes on the heel of W and OOO, which had a roughly equal balance of male to female monsters of the week.

Even stupider was that the Valkyrie and Arachne Phantoms were male -___-


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For a long while, I thought Medusa was the only female Phantom, until I did some actual research and realised that Siren also exists. Way to go, Siren. You were such a threat and left such a strong impression on me that I practically forgot you existed despite being the only other female Phantom and thus distinctive by default. :sweat:

Looking over the rubbish I just typed out two posts above and going by it, regular Phantoms should really have been abolished by the late 30s, giving round about a dozen episodes for Fueki to reveal his true colours and do his wonders with a more formidable personal army. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would at least go some way to establish some kind of power hierarchy and address the question of why regular Phantoms suddenly needed a regular dose of Infinity to put down. Have an army of Mages perhaps. Give Not!Todoroki greater space to introduce and develop his character. Tie this in with a prospective Beast story if possible. It was dull as dirt to walk into the 40s and still see an eccentrically dressed mook Phantom tell his target that he should die of fright.


I'm pretty sure every Phantom, after the mid 20s, used "the fear of death" thing to drive the guest of the week into despair. Like seriously? Gosh guys can't you be more creative than that? :laugh:
WHY!? Why can't the Phantoms be some ancient creatures like the Grongi & the Greeed?

If they're anything like Chimaera, they would be sealed away for thousands of years. After being sealed by ancient mages from all over the globe in the old past, they'd be reduced to be known as myths, legends, folktales & fairy tales.

Eventually, Fueki "Wiseman", finds a way to bring the Phantoms back unintentionally in order to bring his daughter back with the Philosopher's stone.

If Wizard's Infinity ring was special, he could've had an ability to bring back fallen Gates from Phantoms back to the living. (minus Legion).

A shame Wizard should've had MORE mages and Chief Phantoms.

Wizard could've had more depth than being a soccer player. PUH-LEASE!

Beast. Besides just being some boring comedian act with mayonnaise. Can't he more serious and discover more about the Phantoms' existence through Chimaera?

Mayu, Yuzuru & Yamamoto. They need to change the Mage costumes to something else. Leave those to Wiseman who'll make anyone into his secondary footsoldiers outside of the Ghuls.

Anyways... Maya: if she had a better rider suit, she'd be called Witch. She'd be almost like Bayonetta in order to fight alongside Haruto and Houji. Yuzuru and Yamamoto, same thing. Yuzuru can be an alchemist (using Plamonsters to become real Phantoms. Transmuting) and Yamamoto can be a necromancer (resurrecting fallen Phantoms Haruto, Houji and Nitoh destroyed in the Underworld. Like Rinko's Jabbawockey and Shunpei's Cyclops)

And if they had more mages....
Druid - he'd be like Vergil with a mix of Nero and Wolfwood of Trigun. As an agent of Section Zero, Kazami Houji (Druid) was assigned by Kizaki to assist Haruto in fighting the Phantoms in order to create their own mystic-tech weaponry against the enemy. He, however, has a secret that he told them that Haruto and the others don't know: he IS a Phantom. Kinda like Chalice.

And if more Chief Phantoms...
Kirin - A more powerful Chief Phantom in service to Wiseman. However... he has his personal agenda with the Philosopher's stone. He's silent sometimes, but will use anyone to achieve his goals. I see him as the Mandarin of Wizard.

Peryton - Druid's true form hidden. Despite being one, he's able to manifest his Phantom form inside the Gates' underworlds. He hides it from his friends but Kizaki and Section Zero are the only ones who knew his secret. Eventually, forced to serve Wiseman's assignments to gather more Phantoms (plus mages behind his fellow Phantoms' backs), Peryton betrays Wizard and the others to help turn Kazuya into a Phantom. He also hates Naomi for treating Haruto badly for what happened to her boyfriend. Despite his secret known, he was forgiven and regained their friendship.

Wyvern - I'm thinking Kazuya if it were to happen. I can imagine him being a chief Phantom too.

Dragon - If it were to happen after Koyomi died. Perhaps with the Philosopher's stone's power, some parts of Haruto would come back and Haruto can become Dragon at will.
Keep the 4 base forms only, and write the episodes so Wizard has to use them strategically against the MotW (ex: flying enemy, use Wind form. Fire monster, use Water. Earth monster, use Earth.)

The extra gear is mainly rings that grant him extra stuff to beat the monsters or serve as plot devices.

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^ I don't mind the Dragon Forms as a sort of throwback to Kuuga's Rising Forms. I just wouldn't make separate Rings for them. Use the DragoTimer to go from regular to Dragon mode, and the timer feature to do the body-split/finishing move.


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- Haruto is a street magician
- Magician villains and not just phantoms. Fueki as a lone puppetmaster sounds a little boring.
- The existence of Magic Land
- Shunpei is replaced by a cute animal familiar, idk...
- Eliminate Wajima, just have "Kamen Rider Wiseman" give Haruto upgrades
- Rinko as love interest. More focus on the police investigating the Phantoms.
- Koyomi turns evil at some point
- Nitoh as Koyomi's love interest. He should die/get in a vegetative state or something... maybe at the hands of the magician villains I mentioned.
- More focus on Koyomi's new life.
- Quit it with that Drago Timer, it's not as awesome as it sounds.
- Phoenix should get a better death.
- A female mentor for Haruto. Maybe like a motherly landlord type.
- Gremlin not as final villain, maybe Infinity Style villain.

I'm not sure if this'll make things worse or not, but at least it won't be the blank slate Wizard was.
- Haruto is a street magician
- Magician villains and not just phantoms. Fueki as a lone puppetmaster sounds a little boring.
- The existence of Magic Land
- Shunpei is replaced by a cute animal familiar, idk...
- Eliminate Wajima, just have "Kamen Rider Wiseman" give Haruto upgrades
- Rinko as love interest. More focus on the police investigating the Phantoms.
- Koyomi turns evil at some point
- Nitoh as Koyomi's love interest. He should die/get in a vegetative state or something... maybe at the hands of the magician villains I mentioned.
- More focus on Koyomi's new life.
- Quit it with that Drago Timer, it's not as awesome as it sounds.
- Phoenix should get a better death.
- A female mentor for Haruto. Maybe like a motherly landlord type.
- Gremlin not as final villain, maybe Infinity Style villain.

I'm not sure if this'll make things worse or not, but at least it won't be the blank slate Wizard was.

I KNEW they should've made Haruto into a street/travelling magician! And for Koyomi to be his "lovely" assistant.


As for me, I would keep the main plot of Fueki's plan to revive Koyomi, but:
1. Of course give Koyomi more screen times, her and Haruto are actually a couple. In the end, Koyomi stays dead
2. An evil Rider who works for the Phantoms, maybe a maniac-criminal like Ouja who is able to overcome despair and become an evil wizard. Might as well have him play the role of Gremlin, but darker and more serious
3. Have Mayu appear sooner and then returns as a Rider at around episode 30s. If possible, give her a crush on Naruto and have her make Haruto feel better after Koyomi die
4. The phantoms win more
5. Keep Nitou character the same way. His scene fighting to stop Fueki's Sabbath was epic


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1: Introduce the mage rider much earlier on, so it doesn't feel like a 2 rider show with more tacked on the end.


3: Make Nitou better sooner. He was only really likeable after the kid (forgot his name) showed up.

4: Have the phantoms actually convert someone at least once -_-

5: Have Phoenix escape the sun at the end and be the final villain. It was such a daft way of getting rid of him. Every time he resurrects, he gets more powerful, he's probably a god by now.

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If I were to rewrite Kamen Rider Wizard, here's what I would change:

1) Make Haruto and Koyomi have no memories of the last solar eclipse and have Haruto act as Koyomi's protector for she holds the key of preserving the balance of light and dark magic.
2) The Phantoms would be former disciples of the White Wizard, but were rejected of being full-fledged wizards for letting their own personal obsessions with power and control consume them.
3) The Wiseman must be a separate character, not being the White Wizard in disguise.
4) Keep Ringo, but get rid of Shunpei because he's like the Shia LaBeouf of the show.
5) Wajima-san should be close friends of Haruto's parents because he and Haruto's father used to be college roommates.
6) Koyomi should be training to be the next White Wizard.
7) Nitou should already know the existence of the Beast Driver and the Chimera Phantom's curse as well before he even found the belt.
8) Bring back Phoenix, but give him a powerful form in the form of a Kamen Rider, like Enter as Dark Red Buster, but a lot more bad-ass and it must have a purpose why he has the form and why he was revived for the final battle.
9) Gremlin should already be rid of his human form and just stay a full-fledged phantom, but then he gets betrayed by Wiseman and is absorbed by Wiseman to complete his final form.
10) Make the White Wizard Koyomi's father, but only ensure that Koyomi will carry out the family legacy as the mother of all light magic.
11) Give Mayu her own female Kamen Rider suit, but in the form of Wizard with the colors of Kamen Rider Kiva-la from Movie Taisen 2010.

And finally, exclude the "Wizard Rider Rings" episodes, but make them as a one-hour TV special instead.

Also, show an actual crossover episode between Wizard and the Kyoryugers as a tie-in to Super Hero Taisen Z.

That's about it.

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