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In general, when a book starring a Marvel character comes out, you expect Marvel themselves to have made it — not one of their “rival” companies. But these are interesting times, and IDW has been granted permission by Big M to produce an artbook of scanned original pages from Todd McFarlane’s run on Spider-Man.
This was a run that changed both the character and the industry at large forever. McFarlane gained a large fanbase through his stylistic, twisted-body take on Spidey and his bold, aggressive poses in action shots. (The less said about how he drew regular humans, the better.) His biggest contribution was being the first artist to draw Venom, who he infused with his own artistic sensibility. The overall fluid nature of the symbiote was something McFarlane gleefully played up, and remains a part of him (or them) today.

A few years later, McFarlane and his collaborators would quit Marvel en masse to start their...

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