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IDW has had the Star Trek license for a while, but for the most part they have based their stories on pre-existing variants of Trek, sticking to Kirk, Picard, and whoever else has served as captain of the bridge. But since there’s no shortage of official Trek shows these days, they’re gonna have to do something special to stand out. Introducing the all-new Star Trek #1, the first in an ongoing series with a brand-new, never-before-seen* crew.
Note the asterisk. Though this crew is original, it’s actually made up of Trek characters from across all eras of the franchise. How’d that happen, exactly? IDW isn’t spilling that secret just yet. just know the galaxy is facing an apocalyptic scenario that necessitates this sort of thing. “Star Trek #1 weaves an epic and unprecedented adventure story that spans the far reaches of the Star Trek multiverse, bringing together characters from across the galaxy—and all eras and variations of the beloved franchise—who must band together to prevent...

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