Iceberg Interactive’s News Blast: Pax Nova, Star Dynasties And More

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Video game publisher Iceberg Interactive sent out a press release today full of news…not just about one of their upcoming games, but all of them. Here are the highlights…

PAX NOVA GETS A RELEASE DATE: This space strategy game entered Early Access last December, and is almost ready to graduate to a finished Steam product. It’s official release date is now a mere four days away, April 28.

STAR DYNASTIES DEVELOPER DIARY: Here’s another space strategy game, but unlike Pax Nova, it won’t be ready for a while…it’s not scheduled for public release until 2021. Until then, enjoy this developer video about the choices you make in the game and how human relationships factor into the gameplay.

ANTIGRAVIATOR LAUNCHES ON XBOX ONE: It took racing fans’ breath away on the PC…now the high-speed Wipeout-like racer is speeding toward XBox One. This one hits a week from now, May 1…but preorders...

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