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A key ingredient of a lot of scary movies is the isolation factor. So many of these tales happen in a remote cabin in the woods, but to get the characters there, a flimsy excuse is often papered in as backstory. But the makers of the upcoming thriller Ice Blue have found a way to sidestep that clumsiness…by making its characters isolated to begin with.
Arielle is a teenage girl who lives alone on the family farm with her father. She doesn’t get out much and she receives her education through homeschooling. Which is why she’s shocked one day to get a visitor: her estranged mother, who informs Arielle that her father isn’t who she thinks he is.
But if her dad really is dangerous, how can she get away? They’re in the middle of nowhere, and she wouldn’t know how to start. What will Arielle do with her new knowledge?
Ice Blue stars Michelle Morgan (“Diary of the Dead”, “Batwoman”), Sophia Lauchlin Hirt (“Bad Times at the El Royale”) and Billy MacLellan (“Star Trek : Discovery”). It was...

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