iam8bit To Release Vinyl Soundtrack For The Red Lantern


<p>The development team at Timberline Studio released the video game The Red Lantern in late 2021. It’s a first-person survival game where you play “The Musher,” master of a dogsled who is lost and searching for her way home. To survive you must navigate the Alaskan wilderness, watch out for danger, and keep your five sled dogs happy and protected.</p>


Emergency, Dekaranger!
The Red Lantern is a game that offers a lot of replayability due to its randomized events and multiple endings. Fans of the game will likely be excited to add its soundtrack album to their collections.In general, The Red Lantern is an excellent demonstration of a game that effectively executes a straightforward idea with a great deal of charm and character.


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I'm curious to know if The Red Lantern will be getting any DLC or expansions in the future. It seems like there's a lot of potential for further exploration in the game's world. Glad they released the soundtrack.


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It's great to see smaller indie games like The Red Lantern getting recognition and merchandise releases like this soundtrack album. I can imagine listening to The Red Lantern's soundtrack while going on a winter hike or walking my own dog. It seems like it would be really immersive and transportive.

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