I wanna Dance with Somebody – The Whitney Houston Story

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Skylar Kinsley

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I wanna Dance with Somebody follows the recent trends of Biopics of Musical legends. Whitney Houston is one of the most timeless legends in Music. She sold over 200 Million records and won 413 awards in her short life. Whitney Houston also succeeds as an actress. Her movie, The Bodyguard earned  $411 million in the box office.
It is no surprise for her to achieve that because she has this golden voice, everyone tries to emulate. Every season of a televised singing competition will always be a contestant who will sing her song.
The Script of I Wanna Dance with Somebody is the people behind Bohemian Rhapsody. Just like the Bohemian Rhapsody focuses only on the Rise of Queen as a band, this film will focus on Whitney’s success. How does an unknown girl rise from obscurity when legendary music Producer Clive Davis hears her sing.
Her Death and her scandals will not be a part of this film. Some unauthorized...

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Can You imagine how different her life would have been if she ended up with a Man who is not Bobby Brown? I believe he is the one who ruined her life.


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I can't stop watching this because I'm crying. She is essential to us. She deserves to be revered, honored, and showered with roses in recognition of her contributions to music. I hope it is as impressive as it looks since it looks so good! Whitney looks EXACTLY like Naomi. I'm also interested to see how Stanley Tucci portrays Clive Davis. Let's not forget about him.

Blaire Courttney

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So this film won't address her troubled marriage to Bobby or the supposed non-accidental reason of her passing? Whitney's story is a warning, not a fairy tale.


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She had some fantastic songs, and we were looking forward to this because of her incredible voice and talent. The best female vocalist I've ever heard. These songs of hers, helped me during the hardest times of my life:



What a movie that reflects the the achievements made by a legendary in both of the music and the movie industry. Her contribution in the multimedia sector is very great and the world will celebrate the life of Whitney for sure though the I wanna dance with somebody movie. Can't wait to watch it though.


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She should be a warning to all women to not go for the bad boys. Your love will not change him. Choose a man who will treat you better.


What does the Fox say?
Her death and the scandals will not be a part of the film? Why bother making the film? Everybody already knows all about the "goodie two shoes" image from music videos like "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". I won't be watching this.

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