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I love that for you started as Pilot shopping for TV Networks. Showtime picks it up because of its potential. It is a comedy that explores the world of TV shopping Networks. You know, those shows with products we don’t really need, but for some reason, it made millionaires out of inventors of problems that don’t exist. They said that if you are good at marketing, You can turn a turd into gold. TV shopping Network hopes needs to act as they believe in the product they sell so they can convince the audience to pick up the phone and call. It stars Saturday Night Alumni, Vanessa Bayer.

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Joanna Gold had a hard childhood because she was dealing with Childhood Leukemia. She can go through all of the hurdles and pain during those hard times by watching SVN. As seen on TV, Shopping Networks is her...

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We All Lie, Why is she so guilty about lying to save her job. Yeah she fakes having cancer so she gets sympathy from her boss but she doesn't have cancer anymore.
Most of my Kitchen appliances and utensils came from TV shopping infomercials in my cupboard. I don't think you should generalize As seen on TV products because many of them are good.


The Plot is similar to Younger, a 42-year-old Single mom who looks young for her age and pretends she is only 26, so she gets the job. This time we have a woman who acts she still has Cancer. What if the twist is she will have Cancer again for real.


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Wow, what a fantastic show! As soon as I had finished watching the first episode, I gave the pillow on my husband's side of the bed to him. He's like, "You know, you talk about things you love just like they do on the show!" I owe a debt of gratitude to my mother for putting up with all of my improvision lessons! As a result, I'm sold... ha! But seriously, I've been hooked since the first episode, and I've never made it past the first episode without skimming it first. I think they've sold out the show. Very high ratings!
I'm in love with it!

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That being said, shopping tv isn't all that glamorous. Honestly, I think the show would be funnier if the 'glamour' factor was reduced a little more. Showtime wanted to turn it into a "real" network, so maybe it's an access.

It could be that I've had a sheltered life, but I've only ever met drug addicts while working in shopping TV. When it comes to the kitchen staff, it has the feel of a poorly run restaurant.


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This looks like so much fun! The idea of doing a QVC-style comedy show is fantastic! It appears to be a lot of fun! It was so funny when she grimaced at the scent of the perfume! I burst out laughing when I saw his trailer.


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Please make a second season! I almost never rewatch anything, but I definitely will with this amazing show! Hashtag continuous belly chuckles! The writing is excellent, the supporting cast is endearing right away, and Vanessa Bayer is fantastic! She's really hilarious! the current top female humorous actress. Both of the other two changed their genres and lost weight. Melissa M. and Reba Vanessa comes to the aid! I adore Molly Shallon as well! I want to see more about Joanna Gold.


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I want to know the title of the song that Jordan sang in the Mexican restaurant. It is so catchy but I can't buy nor stream it anywhere.