"I love McDonald's and I love running"

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What this guy said. :laugh:

An Illinois man said he will run the Los Angeles marathon this month at the end of his 30-day diet involving nothing but McDonald's fast food.

Joe D'Amico, 36, of Palatine, said he plans to beat his personal best time of two hours and 36 minutes at the March 20 race after 30 days of eating all three meals at McDonald's, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.

"My wife told me I was crazy," said D'Amico, whose progress can be followed at McRunner.com. "But I love McDonald's and I love running, and this was a great way to combine the two."

D'Amico said his running will help him avoid the fate of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who gained 24 pounds and experienced health problems while eating for a month at McDonald's for his film "Supersize Me."

"I can do it because I'm running 100 miles a week," he said.

"I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong or make any kind of political statement," he said. "But I've been eating McDonald's since I was a kid. In a way I've been practicing for this my whole life."

The runner said he is not officially sponsored by McDonald's but he is raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.



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Just because he's an avid runner doesn't mean he will escape the side effects of eating fast food 3 times. Eating healthy (from what I remember) accounts for 75% of a healthy lifestyle with exercise making up the other 25%. I'm a runner, and if I eat fast food more than a few times a week, I usually feel off and sluggish during my runs. I'm curious how often he eats McDonalds on a regular basis. I'd also be surprised if he even finishes the marathon, little lone beat his record.


HOLY CRAP!!! I'm a runner as well (as seen in HJU Picture Thread), and I avoid fast-food as much as I can... Gawd I hope this guy makes it out alive... :sweat:

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o.o Holy crap. I mean good cause being raised but all that mcd's must be bad for his heart. Running can only do so much. Unless he eats salads then yeah he might have a better chance.


For some reason, that name sounds familiar. Seeing as how Palatine is the next suburb over from where I live, it's a possibility I've met him before.


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Mcdonalds is the worst food you can ever eat...i`m glad the guy is doing good, but I hope he changes his diet

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