I have returned! What'd I miss?

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Hello HJU! Back in the day (2010 to be precise) I made an account here and it was the first "forum" type site I had ever been to. I met a lot of great users who shared a love of all things toku and more, and even got personal support when I needed it. But in 2013 I stepped away from all the henshin heroes and what not, it had gotten a little suffocating (I had just finished Wizard, so you can imagine my disappointment with the genre). But just a month ago I watched Gaim on a whim and it captured my heart and reignited what made me love this style of entertainment in the first place. I'm 28 episodes in and I've even started collecting again.

So my question to you all is as follows: what have I missed in two years? What do you guys recommend I do to get back into this stuff? Recommendations for toku series? Anyone have any lockseeds to sell? (Seriously, PM me, I have an addiction)

I'm just happy to be back in this community, and I hope we all get along!


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You missed the awesomeness that was nuShaider/nuGavan/Nusharivan movies, kyoryuger, drive all of which i recommend you go back and watch they are gnarly awesome.

I don;t think I'll ever step away from the genre. Its just too good and too classic *(you also missed when google celebrated Tsuburaya's birthday) and too meaningful. Even if I went to prison (jk) or exile I'll still be tokusatsu feening, lol.

also if you need lockseeds try the commerce planet, ebay, yahoo japan, BBTS, etc etc :) and welcome back

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Welcome back! Gaim really was a bit special after Wizard wasn't it? The good news is that after Gaim ended it got a special "side story" DVD release focusing on two of the Riders, and they've announced that they will be doing another DVD based on another two characters. So Gaim is continuing on a little like Double did, and yes they are still making more lockseeds to go with these releases. :laugh: After that we've had Kamen Rider Drive, which is a bit of a return to the style used before Gaim but I think the consensus is it isn't as tiresome as Wizard was. The beginning of October will see the debut of Kamen Rider Ghost, so as I'm sure you can guess everyone's getting excited about that at the moment.

Outside of Rider, I suppose the biggest development has been the surge of legally available English-subtitled toku. First up, Shout Factory has released a full series boxset of Zyuranger in North America and has announced plans to release Dairanger too.
The anime streaming site crunchyroll.com has been hosting four classic Ultraman series (Leo, 80, Max and Mebius) available to watch for free anywhere in the world outside of Asia, and within the last month has been simulcasting the latest series Ultraman X as it airs in Japan. While they're of nowhere near the same quality as the Crunchyroll material, Shout Factory has also made their old DVD boxsets of Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultra Seven available for people in the US to stream for free from their website too.

If you're into the whole "heroes returning" thing, there was a special straight-to-DVD film called "Hurricaneger: 10 Years After" and they are in the process of doing a "Dekaranger: 10 Years After" film too. While he isn't exactly a hero, Toho has announced that there will be a new Japanese-made Godzilla movie in addition to the Hollywood sequel to last year's American Godzilla film. Also on the American side of things, it's been announced that there will be a Power Rangers movie (likely a reboot of MMPR) in 2017.

Aside from that, the wheels keep moving as usual. More Sentai, more Rider, more Ultraman, more Garo (if you like Gaim, you may wish to check out the movie "Garo: Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries" which features the actor playing Takatora/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, or the third Garo series "The One Who Shines in the Darkness" which features the actor who played Professor Ryoma).

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You missed:

-super sentai reviews by Marz Gurl and myself
-today Linkara just did a mini-Zyuranger review
-Zyuranger got a US release with Dairanger on the way
-Kamen Rider Drive might become the best entry of the franchise of all time
-every sentai after Gokaiger seems to get massive disappointment by fans for whatever reason
-Ultraman Leo, 80, Max, Mebius, and X have been officially licensed by Crunchyroll
-Kakuranger, Megaranger, and Gingaman have been fully subbed with Ohranger being 5/6ths complete
-GUIS is dead
-Garo getting an anime and bombing hard in sales with a sequel on the way
-Samurai Flamenco was the best anime of its year
-Aron from Ultraseven finally got a video game appearance (Super Hero Generations)
-Speaking of Compati Heroes, Lost Heroes got a sequel with a bunch of fanservice given to fans of Turn A Gundam, Ultraman Leo, and Kamen Rider Black RX
-Ultraman Zero and Gamera got new pachinko games earlier this year
-Kikaider got a new movie

Welcome back!

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Welcome Back!!!

So far, you've missed.....
-Super Sentai being reviewed by Marz Gurl
-Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Gosei Sentai Dairanger being released officially in the U.S.
-Android Kikaider getting a new movie
-Every other Sentai series after Gokaiger has become a massive disappointment by fans for some reasons.


Since everyone above have listed pretty much everything, I'll just say welcome back. Also, there is a crossover movie Kamen Rider Taisen with the return of Hiroshi Fujioka as the original Kamen Rider Hongo Takeshi. Super Hero Taisen GP features the debut of Kamen Rider 3# and Minami Kotaro aka Kamen Rider Black returns

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If by dead you mean had posts in it 2 months ago. Plus by the end people other than me really might call it fantastic.
Kamen Rider Drive aside (just waiting for it to end before I watch it again), the inbreed fighting on that topic was far from fantastic.