I Have a Weakness for Rider Guns...


yup delta was pretty useless for all the hype they made about the belt being so powerful :p

kiaxa & faiz also had guns of sorts too or at least there phones could sort of turn into one & shoot stuff if they wanted them too


dude nerdisms thats what you are
damn you! again making me start buying the weapons.....rawr! i never used to buy the weapons....this one just looks too cool.
I felt Delta was such a worthless "Rider."

Zolda and G3-X tho.... those are some guns I'd want to own.

I agree, You would think that being the most powerful Belt regardless if it was the prototype, it would have more to offer than the belt and gun! Faiz and Kaixa were the 2 best.

And i agree on Zolda and G3-X!


USB is just lights and sounds. There no way it'd be a working usb drive. I'll just wait till all the Double stuff is on discount. I have figures to keep me busy. :D


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For all that Delta was under/mis-used in the show, the DX Delta Driver is one of my all-time favorite toys. Come on, guys, it is a HENSHIN DEVICE AND A VOICE-ACTIVATED GUN. How can you not love that?

I keep mulling over the idea of writing fanfic about Saya Kimura's time with the Delta Gear, kicking Orphenoch ass.

And no, Keith, the USB sticks are fake; they are sound/light gizmos, not real storage devices.

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You just know that at some point, Bandai or someone is going to release real, working USB drives that share the appearance of the Gaia Memories, maybe even the Dopant ones as well. Probably as some overpriced adult collectible though.


If they were real they would only be a couple of megs anyways not like a regular 4g or what have you :p Also being the only gun I own so far the ixa riser phone/gun is pretty fun I enjoy playing with that sucker quite a bit & Its fun to transform it into a gun

Keith Justice

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****.... it transforms and looks even more awesome.

.........sold. :p

Keith Justice

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The "bend" is like.. the first mode where it's a clip for the gun. Then apparently you can fold the clip up and have it be a big honkin' badass muzzle.

Oh.... and btw.... zooooonooooooooooI hotlinked it!!! >:D

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