I Have a Weakness for Rider Guns...


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Ohhh Keith can I handle your gun? Is it loaded? I'm going to arrest you for having a concealed weapon! /end sexual gun puns

Keith Justice

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That means your also gonna get the Ride Booker at some point, huh?

Good God no. I think that's about the ugliest Rider Gun I've ever seen.

I got a DiendDriver.. only good thing about that is that it's pretty. So far, I'd say my Garren Rouser is still king.

Oh yeah... for those of you that see this, this thread is a hint toward the next HJU HLJ Contest.... so get your guns ready. ;)


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I gotta admit, the Trigger Magnum does look kinda cool ... might be tempted to buy as well LOL

I would definitely buy the weapons If I had the belt. For not only the Trigger memory, but also the Gun. Haha 1st time in Bandai Japan history where both the items sold together are wanted, instead of one or the other.

I'm tempted to buy the belt now, but I know It'll be cheaper when the series ends, but I don't want to wait that long. lol

Decisions, Decisions. :hmm:


I'll probably get the W set until all 6 memories are gathered...

Then i'll run around wielding the magnum and keep pressing JOKER JOKER JOKER JOKER JOKER JOKER JOKER.

I'll probably be caught:laugh: