I hated Finding Nemo!

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For some funny reason I didn't really love finding Nimo and most of my friends thought that I was crazy or something hehe, matter of fact I didn't even watch it to the end it was just blah! Who else hated that anime?


Dude, it's called Finding Nemo, not Nimo. In contrast, I loved the movie. I found it extremely funny and touching at times. The journey of the father fish to find his son was a journey that showed a lot of heart and love and courage. The film is full of lessons for both kids and adults.


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Hahaha, would you blame me for the misspelling? I just never paid too much attention to that anime :) Anyways thanks for the spelling correction :D


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Nah. Finding Nemo was a solid flick. Dory was my favorite character. I thought they did a great job of capturing the feel of being underwater with the technology they had at the time. You could get lost in those environments.


I have probably seen the movie 8 times as I have 3 kids. I continue to enjoy it. Some great funny parts that are geared towards adults, animation is awesome and a great story done with great voice work. Monsters Inc. is another one that I have seen multiple times and don't mind a bit, in fact love it.


No one likes everything, otherwise we wouldn't need more than one movie out at a time :)

I loved Finding Nemo, but it's my boyfriend's least favorite Pixar flick, so you're hardly alone.
I didn't hate Finding Nemo, but at the same time, I'm also not a fan of it. I feel it receives too much praise from Pixar fans. I wouldn't even consider it close to my favorite Pixar movie.


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I liked Finding Nemo. The story was well crafted with nice touches, like the "children" hopping on the singing Manta Ray and head off for school and the migrating Sea Turtles. Ellen DeGeneres' performance was hilarious.

Most of all, it did not get nearly as sappy as many animated family stories do.