I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Wolfbatman! (Awkward Scenario Thread)

One night, a young non-bender from the Fire Nation witnessed his parents
being burn to death by a fire bending robber after coming out of a theater.

After that traumatic ordeal, the boy vowed to go against crime of all forms.

Can the boy keep to his vow?

How many preparations would the kid make for his mission?

How many practices would he partake in for it?

If the kid made it to adulthood and becomes Wolfbatman, to what lengths would the guy go in preserving justice?

Would Fire Nation civilians, Fire Lord Zuko and others besides them see him as a hero?

When do you think Aang will meet up with this caped crusader?

Will The Wolfbatman be remembered and regarded as one of the greatest heroes of all time?

And finally...will there be anyone else who'll take up the Wolfbatman mantle several years from now?

Note: Let's say, for the sake of this thread, this scenario takes place
after Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and Wolfbatman's financially well off.