Hypercharge a Battle Royale of Action Figures

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Ian Burton

Awkward Correspondent
<p>Hypercharge feeds on our childhood fantasies that our toys comes to life whenever we are not. They also becomes sentient when we are asleep. Back when I was so little, There is a Game Playstation 1 called, Small Soldiers. It is a game adaptation of the movie of the same title. It is about a war between two factions of sentient action figures. If my blurry memory serves me correctly they are alive because of A.I. So they did it first before Buddi and M3GAN.</p>


Potato sitting on a couch
Wow this looks amazing! When I was a kid I try making my action figures fight and I use my sister's Ken doll as the villain. This brings me back to those simple times. Let me see if my PC's specs can handle this game.

Blaire Courttney

Future Squid Game winner
I will play this game if they add a Fashion doll in the roster. I mean Action figures are not the only dolls kids play with. I grew up playing with Barbies. Disney Princesses, Bratz dolls and some Made in China generic fashion doll.


New Member
I had been playing this in Switch Since December. I have a feeling this is going to be big. As in Valorant, Fortnite big and the community is less toxic because its new.


I'm okay!
It's as if Toy Story and Small Soldiers had a baby. To compete with established competitors in the first-person shooter genre, they will need to increase their focus on marketing. If they want to build up more excitement, they should work to have licensed characters in the show. This game is just another example of how large corporations overthink the games they produce. To be successful, sometimes it's best to keep things straightforward.


When I was a youngster, I used to play a lot of N64 Army Men games, and I remember being unhappy when the series stopped getting sequels. It's hard for me to think that I didn't know this game existed and had an established fan base. I'm crossing my fingers that there'll be a story mode.


As soon as I got the game home, I put in a full day of casual playtime. Among the best times of my life, I wish more people would start playing this game because it's so much fun. Just so you know, it's coming soon on Xbox, and the demo you can play on Steam is based on an older version of the game, so it's not an exact representation of the full game.


I had played this before. Amazing environments have been created by such a small group of people. However, something appears to be lacking, which has reduced my motivation to play. It's simply that I can't seem to pin it down. It could be because of the range of game types, the portability of the weaponry, or the different ways they are played (or a combination).. Tower defense is not really my thing. Including a story mode will immensely improve the game. There is no doubting that there is a lot of untapped potential in this game.


Despite the fact that I only recently discovered this game, it is now one of my favorites. Some of my favorite miniature adventures take place in what would normally be a backyard but is instead a dense forest. It leaves you speechless and intrigued. I've been longing to get my hands on some of those Hot Wheels as well. When I was a kid growing up in the 1990s, I was obsessed with Hot Wheels to the point where I went to the store looking for a shark cruiser inspired by the movie Honey, we shrunk ourselves. I'd get lost in the woods for hours, disassembling and reassembling various trick tracks. Because of the increased ability to play with and compete against other toys, "Toy Story" and "Small Soldiers" spring to mind, as does "Smash Bros.", which is also mentioned in the episode.


Oh the Misery
I put in a full day of casual gaming as soon as I brought the game home. I wish more people will start playing this game because it is one of the best experiences of my life. On be clear, it's coming shortly to Xbox, and the Steam sample is based on an older version of the game, so it's not an exact representation of the complete game. I recommend the Xbox version over steam.

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