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Has anyone else seen this? Was browsing netflix yesterday and came across the poster for this, thought it looked interesting because it had some guys in power armor that looked cool, so I started watching it. (yes, it's that easy to get me to watch a movie, throw some pretty looking suits and I'm curious)

Freaking amazing movie. It's got a sort of isolationist and cat-and-mouse feel to it as it follows a guard from a space prison trying to hunt down an escaped criminal and makes for some awesome watching. You basically have the guard and prisoner talking to each other through a com-link the prisoner stole as they try to outsmart one another. The movie is super low budget, made for less than half a million, but because they seemed to have worked within their means, it's not something you can really pick up on. (helps that a lot of it doesn't involve CGI) The suits are kind of cheap looking, but you do get used to them fast and I really came to like the look of them. With a bigger budget, these things could have probably looked amazing. And while not the most action oriented movie, when it does showcase fights, they manage to pull off some really nice stunts.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Hot damn.

I was surprised to see just how much people seemed to like this. I was expecting decent reviews, but they're almost all absolutely glowing praise of what the crew was able to accomplish.


Some felt that the director went with a more "sellable" approach to making the movie though, but I guess I'll reserve my judgment once I've seen it.