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Does your cat keep trying to get in on game night? Don’t stop them. How to RPG with Your Cat is a new Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter that makes your actual cat the star of your TTRPG.
It’s a well-known fact that cats and tabletop games are natural enemies in the wild. If a cat wants attention, and its owner is currently bestowing that attention on something else — be it a computer keyboard, a good book, or an RPG — it’s universal cat logic that if a cat replaces that object with its own body, it will receive the attention instead. Trying to argue with a cat that this is not true is useless. It’s impossible to shake this belief of the feline mind, and it’s ruined many a gaming session.
So the folks at Oddfish Games got an idea…what if there was a tabletop RPG where the POINT was for the cat to get involved? In How To RPG With Your Cat, your pet is unwittingly cast as an important character in the game’s world...
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