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We’ve entered the home stretch for How To RPG With Your Cat, a quirky new tabletop experience from Oddfish Games that allows your pet to become part of the game. With less than 48 hours to go, Oddfish has so far raised $11,000 (out of a initial goal of $3000). So far, backers have unlocked the additions of cat confetti, character sheet bookmarks and a foldable D20 paper cat toy. If the campaign can make it to $15,000, they’ll throw in a bumper sticker.
In How To RPG With Your Cat, your pet is unwittingly cast as an important character in the game’s world. Should the cat choose to leap onto the table and start pawing various figures, well, it was supposed to do that! This is a story event that the other players will have to respond to…in any other fashion than the normal one (carrying the cat into another room and locking the door). If the cat decides to take a figure off the table, carry it to...
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