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Netflix used to be the savior of cancelled tv shows. It rescued some TV shows from Network TV from cancellation and renewed them just like Breaking Bad. People used to put Netflix on a pedestal because it’s different from something like Fox or ABC, which has a bad reputation for cancelling shows. All of that changed when Netflix started having originals. Fans know Netflix is changed when Marco Polo got cancelled.
Having a Large fanbase doesn’t mean a show is safe because Netflix has cancelled Glow, Julie, and the Phantoms. Although both shows won the Awards and loyal fanbase. Both got cancelled because of the Covid 19 pandemic, and their concepts don’t adhere to social distance safety.
Having fans from around the world also doesn’t keep the show safe because for Netflix, the only fanbase that matter is the American Audience

So a TV program having a fanbase from San Marino, New Zealand, or...

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This is why I am subscribed to Amazon Prime because they haven’t canceled any shows I like. Some of the shows Netflix canceled have higher ratings than Amazon Prime shows that got renewed.
Amazon Prime and HBO Max treats their customers better! Babysitters club have higher ratings than some of the top shows of HBO Max and Peacock and those shows are renewed.
The Lower the Budget a show is, The higher its chances to to have a renewal. Some shows got canceled because the show runners asked for a raise

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The Bun Is In Your Mind
I dont think Social media engagement is a safe basis. Bob Hearts Abishola is renewed for 5 seasons and its YouTube uploads barely got comments.


I don't go for ongoing series even if I do I will wait till there are enough seasons or better still,wait till it's complete. I hate suspense.

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