How to Beat Lynels in BOTW – Breath of the Wild Lynel Tactics That Work and Don’t

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Apr 7, 2012
Having trouble trying to beat Lynels in BOTW? This guide will help players figure out the most efficient way to take down Lynels. For this and more, visit our BOTW guides.
Breath of the Wild is a game that rewards a strategic approach, something fans of the Legend of Zelda series rightfully expect. Brute force isn’t usually the best answer to most challenges when a bit of careful stealth or savvy travel can do instead, and many dangers can engaged from a distance if they can’t be avoided altogether. But one foe stands above the rest as an exception that tests the reflexes: the mighty Lynel.
Depending on the state of your progress, any Lynel can range from a genuine threat to a challenge equivalent to any boss fight. They are strong enough to severely wound Link with one blow or even KO him outright earlier in the game, and tough enough that a battle with a Lynel will rarely end quickly. Dealing with them well demands a combination of preparation and mastering the combat tactics...

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