Oct 13, 2005
I'll be upfront, with this. I dislike reviews. I read them now and again to see people's reactions to things, but only for something I've either already read/watched or for something I never intend to read/watch ever.

I feel like they don't account for the natural cynicism that sets in when your job is to watch/read stuff week in and week out, to say nothing of when the reviewer is the odd man out on a specific work. (IE, it rubs them the wrong way, even though most enjoy it.)

What made me ask this question is just a moment ago I spotted a review for the superb anime Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on a very well-known website. It was reviewing Part 4 of the series, which is where things start speeding towards the finale. While I haven't finished the series, I'm past that point so I gave it the once-over, and it was yet another time where I was glad that I don't have any stock in reviews.

Actually deciding to try a series who's first 14 episodes you already saw as 25 episodes seven years ago is a hard decision, and it took a number of people telling me how amazing it was before I finally took the plunge. A review like that, which wasn't particularly bad, just very lukewarm, would've made me just skip it.

That's just a specific example, but I can think of dozens of others. (CBR's The Buy Pile is a good example of what I mean. That dude barely likes anything.) I get what a review's purpose was, and as early as ten years back, I can see why they were necessary. But now...

It may be true that 90% of things either suck or just aren't for you...but there's so MUCH stuff out there now that the remaining ten percent is still probably too much for you to get through. (At least if your interests are as varied as games, anime, comic books, cartoons, television, music....) You would do better just mentioning what's great and ignoring entirely what sucks. Let the cream rise to the top.

But, I doubt everyone else looks at it like me. Are there any reviewers you like, or do you dislike them all?
May 5, 2006
It just there opinion, you don't have to agree with the reviewer. if you like a anime, show or that toy and the reviewer gave it a bad rating. does it stop you from watching it? no however there are people that pretty much listen to what reviewer says and avoid the show all together.

Me I don't follow of what the reviewer or fandom think of saban's masked rider,sure the editing was bad but I like the show,and I know alot of people will say ''SABAN MASKED RIDER SUCK or ''YOU WATCH SABAN MASKED RIDER..GO AWAY''.If you don't like it good.

When I do a review and some guy give me a bad comment I just tell them you don't have to agree with me or don't watch me, there other reviewers better then me.
Jun 2, 2007
Me I don't follow of what the reviewer or fandom think of saban's masked rider,sure the editing was bad but I like the show,and I know alot of people will say ''SABAN MASKED RIDER SUCK or ''YOU WATCH SABAN MASKED RIDER..GO AWAY''.If you don't like it good.
Same people who says Zaido sucks and all.

Well, I do respect them on their opinions but it is still on you if you want to watch or buy what ever they are reviewing. The decision is still yours. What the reviewer is "try" to help you in your decisions.
Dec 13, 2009
Now obviously this doesn't have the same context so to say but I like TotalBiscuit/TotalHalibut's way of reviewing games with his WTF? Series. Which is first impressions. Most of those vids you know about the same about it as he does.
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Feb 23, 2011
I'm one of those people that tend to look at at least a couple of reviews before buying anything. I do this especially with games, movies, and electronics. I like to browse through multiple reviews to see if there's any one thing that gets continually mentioned as a problem or as a highlight.

As far as specific reviewers, I really don't have any that I always look to. I get the bulk of my reviews from IGN, Amazon, Game Revolution, Game Spot, and a few others. And I never take the reviewer's opinion of any one particular thing entirely. ^__^
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Jan 17, 2011
I`ve always believed that you won`t know if you`ll like a video game,movie,tv show,etc. until you try it for yourself.Not everyone gets enjoyment from the same thing,and not everyone dislikes it either.

However,that is not to say that I don`t read reviews.If I`m not sure of something I`ll gather an opinion or two before deciding whether or not I should check it out.

But at the same time,I have a problem with reviews where the reviewer comes off as having an arrogant attitude and trashes something for no other reason than the fact that they can.Now,don`t get me wrong..they,like everyone, are entitled to their opinion.I respect that,and I even eluded to it in my first paragraph ..but don`t act as if your opinion is fact and the only one that matters.It only makes you come off like a complete,narrow minded douchebag
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Aug 10, 2009
Not alot.

I mean if something is universally despised then I'll be more likely to assume it's a bad movie or game, but short of that I tend to trust myself more often. I usually only watch or read reviews for entertainment purposes mostly.
Aug 4, 2007
I watch comedy reviews like AVGN and Zero Punctuation. Regular reviews I might watching, but I only watch them for seeing stuff from the game. I don't listen to reviewers, I don't base what I read/play/buy/watch/etc on reviews. I like to do a thing called thinking for myself.

Take the game Alpha Protocol. It got some bad reviews. I still loved the hell out of the game. I got it and judged it for myself. People that base what they do on reviewers really need to understand that everyone thinks differently.
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Feb 19, 2005
It just there opinion, you don't have to agree with the reviewer.

Not to mention the fact in many reviews, they tend to break fourth wall and acknowledge it's they're opinion (...then usually follow up with "Cause I'm right...Always be right...Born to be right...cause God gave me the right to be right"...type cynicism).:sly:


You know...I'm probably that 0.0000001% who wanted Saban to use Black and Shin in the show.

Same people who says Zaido sucks and all.

You know...I'm probably that 0.0000001% who liked Ulla the Space Chicken.