How much of the script did you get in advance?

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When you were first cast as Cam how much did you know about the storyline for Ninja Storm?
And how far in advance were you given episode scripts?

Thanks for your time and being part of one of my favorite Power Ranger seasons.


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When I was cast I didn't even know if I would be Cam. Neither did Doug or Ann at the time. They had cast us as rangers but hadn't decided on our colours yet. So when we flew over to NZ the first few days were about deciding which characters we would play - I think I was up for either green or yellow. When they finally decided - I was still left clueless as to what that actually meant.
All I knew was that it involved a journey where I would BECOME the 6th ranger but apart from that I knew nothing. Scripts basically came out a couple of days before we had to shoot. So it was as much fun for us - finding out about what we were going to do next.
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