House of the Dragon, A 10 episode Game of Thrones prequel

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Feb 12, 2021
House of the Dragon launched it’s official Twitter and its most notable tweet is the date, August 21! No one knows if this could be the release date or just an official announce of sorts. Nobody knows right away what will happen on the 21st of August because the tweet  is pretty much vague. The Dragon egg picture pretty much confirms that series will focus on the Taryagen family. This family of Bleach Blonds have affinity for these winged reptilian beasts. Dragons are their means of Transport and also their status symbol.
House of the Dragon launch tweet

August 21. #HouseoftheDragon
— House of the Dragon (@HouseofDragon) March 30, 2022

August 21 is confirmed to be the release date of this long awaited prequel. The House of the Dragon is...

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Feb 18, 2021
Now we are talking! I missed Game of Thrones so much that this show will do it to me. I use to watch Game of Thrones because it reminds of me of Lord of the Rings but it is better than Lord of the Rings.
Feb 27, 2021
Is this going to be R-rated again? GOT becomes a hit because it is not Afraid to cross boundaries for a high budget show. They could have made more money with PG 13 but they still make it happen and not censor it.
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Apr 9, 2022
Should I trust HBO and invest on this show after the terrible ending they gave me. I lost a week of sleep when I got upset from the GOT ending.
What does the Fox say?
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Feb 15, 2022
For me, Game of Thrones is like Doctor Who. When Doctor Who first aired on American television I didn't watch it. The theme music sounded weird and the guy who was playing Dr. Who did not impress me. How was to know that decades later Doctor Who would have a fan base that like a huge cult following!! Talk about missing the boat.

I did the same thing with Game of Thrones. When it aired in 2011, I don't know what I was doing, but I missed it! Even though I heard lots of people talking about it for years, I still didn't watch it. Now they've made a prequel? Well I guess I ought to at least watch that. LOL.