Hot Hot Hot, RSCC wa funky!

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Kagayaki Power
haha they doooo end... usually around 100 issues or so..

or they just fade away and u're like.. wtf happened to this series? o_O


yea, Im not surprised u dont like it CPS.

So, today I lent my friend two DVD's, Kamen Rider The First, and Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final (Theatrical Version). Hopefully he and his brother will like it and will be able to join us here in the Toku commnity >:D

And american comix still suck.

I'm confused...:redface2:


Red Falcon
I watched the X-Men Origins and i thought it was good .... but maybe because i watched it for free XD

The Decade movie ... wow, i am in shock that they brought back all the Showa Riders except for J so i hope it doesn't flop badly :O

One more thing: Damn it Swine Flu, now i have to bring a thermometer to work starting on Monday so that the officers could monitor body temperatures of every of my unit's army personnel :redface2:

Inui Takumi

The Ends JustiΦ's the Means
*high fives blade dancer*
and what do u have to say for yourselves boys? >_> not reading comics *shakes head* and the girls reading them instead? .... what a pathetic bunch XDDD

you actually understood civil war? ......XD last arc i read was the endagered species arc...... at least i think that's what it was called... i kinda forget .. and then the messiah complex.. and theeen i came back to school and i can't find a comic book store nearby to get them from..or the time to go anywayz......sooo no more comics ;_;

I used to read comics, but I guess I grew out of it for a bit then it got confusing when I tried to get back into it so I said to hell with it. Last one i read was the Civil War book. That and the marvel vs dc book are the only two I own now, i think. But, I really want to get Watchmen so I can read it before the DVD comes out since I havent seen it yet.

And, wtf at ep 9 of Shinkenger. didnt think Id see him in toku again. :O_O:
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