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This December, the citizens of Tinseltown are going into BEAST MODE, thanks to distributor Devilworks.
The man at the center of this tale is a washed-up Hollywood producer who once had it all. He thinks he’s landed a potential comeback with his new star in the making — until that star gets whacked by a car and croaks. The producer has a quick idea…he’ll use the actor’s stunt double as the real actor, and to really sell it, he’ll cover up his death and have the man pose as the actor completely! It might work…if the double had the exact face.
Then the producer is given an offer from a strange salesman…a jar of “miracle cream” that changes appearances. It seems to work on the stunt double, but what the producer doesn’t know was that the change comes from within….the users become “what they truly are inside” and in the double’s case, he happens to be a jerk who turns into a monster!
It gets worse….more people than just him used the cream, and Hollywood is now under attack from angry...
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