Honor Society: High school Overachiever will distract her valedictorian rival by seduction

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Madeline Everleigh

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Honor Society is a romantic comedy that centers around that highly desired Harvard recommendation. It stars Angourie Rice as the lead character. Most audiences know her for playing Betsy in Spider-Man: Homecoming and as the Young Stephanie Conway in Senior Year. Gaten Matarazzo is the last Stranger Things Actor I expected to star in a Rom-Com, but here he is breaking boundaries!
Honor Society Official Trailer:

Honor is part of the Honor Society. An Elite group of overachievers in high school competing for that single spot for a Harvard scholarship. In Ivy League Schools, It doesn’t matter how smart you are because it is not enough. Academics...

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Blinding Lights
Christopher Mintz-Plasse has been typecast playing teenagers even in his 30s. It is cool to see him finally play the role of an adult Teacher. He grew a lot of facial hair just to make it happen. I also feel old because I didn't know that Gaten is now 19 since he is a little kid the first time I saw him in stranger things. Angourie Rice's character looks and behaves exactly like Tracy Flick from Election. Finally, Angourice Rice will play lead. She is very impressive from what I have seen of her. She is underutilized, in my opinion, in the Spider-Man films.


Angourie Rice will be the next big blond actress. she is talented and people won't even know she is Australian because her American Accent sounds natural.
The Picture you used as Thumbnail made me thought this is horror Thriller because she is also looking Sociophatic. She looks like and behaves like Tracy Flick from the Reese Witherspoon movie The election.

Blaire Courttney

Future Squid Game winner
This will be my 4th time to see Angourie Rice on screen. I first saw her in Black Mirror episode, Rachel,Jack and Ashley O, Then I saw her in Spiderman Tom Holland Trilogy, then in Senior Year. Nice to see her in lead role finally!


I want this to be a hit, So more actors who look like Matarrazzo gets lead roles.


What does the Fox say?
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The girl's name is Honor, yet everything she does to “be the best” is dishonorable. For a movie plot, this is OK. But if this happened in real life and the kid got away with it, can you imagine the horror that person will unleash on “their competition” when they become a member of business world? Nope! Never mind. I don't want to think about it. I'll just enjoy the movie. It's fiction. LOL.

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