Home Sweet Home Alone – A reboot of the Christmas Classic

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Home Sweet  Home Alone is the 7th film of the franchise that is considered a classic by many. The first t two films that star Macaulay Culkin  as Kevin are box office success but the 3rd sequel is a complete bomb. It was hated by both fans and critics alike. Home Alone 3 is the first sequel to not have Kevin on it and  It was the last cinematic Home Alone film. The next two films in the franchise are tv films that no one bothers watching. Unlike the past Straight to video Home Alone sequels, this reboot has higher profile actors in the cast. So despite the negativity, I may give it a chance because of the comedic talents who accepted this script.

Home Sweet Home Alone will be the first Cinematic  movie in the franchise since Home Alone 3.

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