Hogwarts Legacy is an Upcoming PS5 game that every Harry Potter fan has been hoping for! Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Games collaborated to make this fantasy come true!
The Game looks so Good that even the people who cancel cultured J.K Rowling will consider playing it even if they announce a Boycott. Explore the Wizarding World with a character you created yourself! You can either make the character look exactly like you or finally flesh out your fanfiction character. The character customization has endless options so you can make your character any Gender or ethnicity. Players can also change their character’s voice, physique, and wand types.
This Game is for the fans who used to...

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As a fan of the Harry Potter Fan fiction, My Immortal. This is my opportunity to make Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way a real character.



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I'm sure this is the best gameplay trailer I've ever seen. Trailers like this are how you pique people's interest in your game. I was already excited after hearing about the first Harry Potter open-world game, and now you present this, and I can't believe how far you exceeded my expectations. Wow, I am crazy about it. I can't wait to play this since it's so wonderful. Wow, you could play this game for a long time and never get bored. I had no idea how in-depth this game was going to be. I had expectations, but they were reasonable, and this entire gameplay trailer blew away anything I expected to see in the game. Since I first started reading the books, this is the game I've always wanted to play!


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Why people are canceling J.K Rowling? What did she do that offended people?
She is a trans-exclusive feminist. She doesnt count transwomen as women and it offended many people who are leaning left. She also offended people who are leaning right too because of Hermione casting in a stage play. That made her double canceled.
My Fanfic character will finally come true! I have a fan fiction character that I always visualize to be in the Wizarding World and I can finally make him real.