[GAME] HJU's Crazy Journey


Kryptonian Pride
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Space. It's very big. That's why mankind invents spaceships. So it can explore space, because it is very big. Our spaceships are also very big. We thought there was intelligent life out there. How right were we?

The Grand Space Empire of Draga spans about half of the galaxy. Ironically, it's all the planets we haven't explored yet. Now they've come barging into our half of the galaxy, wanting to take it over as their own. Fortunately, we were more or less prepared for the attack and have sent spaceships away on voyages of attack. This is the tale of the S.S. HJU, one of these "liberation ships", and how it set up the Draga to be defeated. Aside from that, I have no idea what we were doing, sending them out into space.


0500 hours, last Tuesday

"sigh...well, this is it." daft said to himself as he felt the S.S. HJU leaving the space dock. "I just hope someone can fly this ship because I know I can't. I'm gonna go to the bar. Do we even have a bar?"

daft wandered into the ship's bar area. Oh, good, we have a bar. he thought as he sat down at the bar and ordered a space drink. He stared around the bar. It was the most lively place on the ship, but that was because 2 people were sitting in a corner, drinking. daft got the feeling that more people would arrive soon. He just hoped Captain Keith would set off for the nearest Draga controlled planet soon, then he could finish the job and get paid quicker.


G.K. Sat within one of the ship's cargo holds and it began to leave port. "So far so good" He thought to himself. Though it had been a terrible strain he'd been able to suppress the psychic energy welling up inside of him. This however did not silence the other voice in his head. A war of words was being waged in silence deep withing the confines of the cargo hold.

G.K.:....I need a drink..

Dr. Null: You only damage my mind and shorten your life with that swill

G.K. Nah. it's cool. Sometimes I wanna die. Now do that psychic masking thing so I can find the bar.

Dr. Null: If I'll shut you up for a while then so be it.

When G.K. stepped out of the hold he lessened the mental bonds restraining his split personality. Allowing Dr. Null to access a greater degree of their psychic power. He projected a psychic wall around himself. Invisible to the eye and blocked one's capacity to perceive them. He was essentially invisible. It would take a bit of doing or some seriously dumb luck to spot him till he made it to the bar.

Kamen Rider Kry

The Dopant Hunter
The Hunt-Reaper scythe in lance mode (Blunt) shot past G.K. and nudged him to one side. Kamen Rider Hunter was in hot pursuit of his weapon "Hunty! Stop!!!" Kry screamed as he barreled down the corridor and past G.K. putting G.K. in a comical anime spin as Kry ran unaware of G.K.'s presence "GET BACK HERE YOU HORRIBLE SCYTHE!!!"


Dr Null: Heads up

G.K.: Huh?

The flying weapon grazed G.K.'s shoulder, nudging him towards a wall on his left side. As he attempted to recover Kry blew past him at breakneck speed sending G.K. spinning into the wall next to him.

G.K.: ....Ow......Damn it ..ow.

Dr. Null: Smooth.

G.K.: Bite me....at least nobody saw me.

G.K. Peeled himself off of the wall and continued down the corridor. Minutes later he was able to find the bar area of the ship. He peaked inside for a moment. There were three people in there at the moment. Two of them were in a corner talking and one was sitting alone.

G.K.: Just to be safe. Mask me a staff uniform.

Dr. Null: You do know that the mask get harder and harder to maintain as you drink right?

G.K.: It can't be that hard for you....

Dr.Null: If it were anyone but you then then no. But you not only have no tolerance for this swill but you drink like you wanna die!

G.K.: We've been over this...

Dr. Null: So be it. The sooner your liver goes out the sooner i'll have this body all to myself.

G.K.: Wait a minute?! That's not how it works at all!

Dr. Null: You sure about that champ? :169:

G.K.: ummmm no:(

Dr. Null: Your disguise is all set. Have fun :169:

G.K.: I hate when he does that.

The psychic mask projected the image of an S.S. HJU officers uniform. The Badge/name tag on the front would project a name in the mind of the person looking at it. This might become a problem if G.K. finds himself talking with several people at once. He pulled out a stool at the bar and sat down. He called out to the bar tender.

"A blue moon and bourbon with no ice please"

A large frosty mug of blue moon was placed in front of him fallowed by a small half full glass of bourbon. He drank a little over half the bourbon. Wincing slightly at the burning sensation it left in his throat as it went down. As he went to finish the glass he caught the bar tender staring at him. G.K. Looked up with a puzzled look on his face.

Bartender: You do know one of these days you'll have to pay off that tab of yours....chief.

The Bartender's face soured somewhat. As did G.K.'s A second later the man behind the bar pointed at G.K. and laughed. G.K. Joined in realizing that the Dr. Null's masking of him made him look like someone the bar tender already knew.

"Yep ya got me!"

He chuckled a bit more before finishing his drink. The bar tender refilled it before moving down the the two people talking on the other side of the bar :p


Kryptonian Pride
daft looked over at the person who had appeared in the bar. The newcomer was wearing an officer's uniform. "Well, at least I know there actually people on the ship." daft said to no-one in particular. Having finished his other space drink, he ordered a mug of space ale and called to the officer "Care for a drink with another officer?"


"Sure why not"

G.K. picked up his drinks and took a seat next to daft. Ignoring the protests of Dr. Null in regards to maintaining the mask.

"So. Seems odd that the bar would of all places would be dead. What's the deal with this ship anyhow"

He finished off the bourbon and and started to nurse his beer. He was already begining to feel the effects of the liquor.


Kryptonian Pride
"Well, I think we're supposed to be fighting Draga, but what's stopping us from having a little fun along the way?" daft replied. "Although, the Draga is responsible for the worst crime imaginable: eating Captain Keith's cereal." He broke off for a minute, only uttering "Froot loops. The fiends."

"Anyway, I think we're heading into space now." daft said, taking a swig of the space ale, and almost falling off his barstool.


He let a slight chuckle escape him as he saw daft nearly fall out of his seat. "I think i need whatever you're drinking buddy." He chugged what was left of his beer and then slammed it on the counter as a means of getting the bar tender's attention.

"Gimmie one of what hes havin! "

By this point maintaining the mask was becoming a bit of an ordeal for Dr. Null to maintain. And he was sick of hiding anyway. Withought warning he dropped the disguise making G.K. status as a stow away clear as day. Unfortunately G.K. was none the wiser and continued to converse with his new friend.

"Draga huh. What's their deal. Besides eating people's cerial."

Kamen Rider Kry

The Dopant Hunter
The automatic doors with a small sound opened to the bar. The sound of stuggling and bashing against metal was emenating from Kamen Rider Hunter in his armor- comically stuggling with his captured sentient weapon which has been tied up into the shape of a pretsel. The Rider came over and sat down on a stool next to the other two characters in the bar and called the bar tender.

"a gallon of your strongest stuff- I don't care if its not safe for humans." he said while shuffling around- keeping his weapon in check. A large glass of a lumiencent blue and dangerous looking liquid was presented to him which was promtly poured onto his scythe.

Hunt-reaper seemed to absorb all of the liquid into its blade and as it did- it slowed down then stopped moving. After a few seconds it untied itself and retracted its extentions to become a short staff. Kry laided the weapon against the counter top and undid his transformation, letting out a relived sigh.
"I need to train this horrid halberd..." Kry muttered under his breath.


Kryptonian Pride
daft looked at the guy pouring liquor onto his weapon and was about to offer him a space drink when a voice came over the comm system.

This is Captain Keith. All crewmen, take your stations for space flight.

"Better get to the bridge then. I'm supposed to be flying this crate." daft said, steadily getting up and walking to the door. "Incidentally," he added, turning to G.K., "it may be the space ale, but it looks like your uniform's disappeared. You might want to fix that."


Rider Champion
D-Lord woke up form his nap in his room due to the announcement from the Captain "Huh! aww man i was just about to fall completely doze off this stinks" he lazily said as he got up from his bed and got ready to get to his station. as he got out of his cabin he saw many of the ships crew running around to get to there stations, thinking that it was a real emergency he also started to get a move on.

while walking to his stations he remembered something he forgot which was his station he felt a surge panic through running around trying to think of where he was suppose to be. Just then another crew member passed by and so he decided to ask the person "ummm excuse me would you happen to know what station i'm suppose to go to?"

(anyone can come in and answer the question for me)


When he was made privy to his disappearing uniform he literally jumped in a state of panic. Almost before his feet hit the ground he was moving through the door looking for a place to hid before anyone could find him and kick him out into the black abyss that is outer space.

G.K.: What the hell null.....WHAT...THE...HELL?

DR. Null: I warned about your obscene alcohol.

G.K.: Like hell. You did that to me on purpose.

Dr. Null: And what if I did?

G.K.: Really.....Now?! I'm running for our damned life you decide you're gonna get all threatening now?

Dr. Null: Oh? What makes you think that was a threat.

G.K.: It's that damn tone of.....thought you use every time you say some crap like that. Every time you pull that crap you try to go scanners on my ass and melt my eyeballs!

He was so engrossed in the internal conversation that he didn't notice the Crew member approaching him with a question. Had he seen the man. Even a split second earlier. He might have been able to avoid colliding with him. He went barreling into the stranger at full speed. The momentum carried him forward, causing him to roll ahead a few feet after hitting the ground.


Rider Champion
As D-Lord was approaching the crew member he saw that the officer did not look well and was not able to walk properly, just as D-lord had asked his question the officer turned around in an estranged way and collided straight in to him causing D-lord to fall over on to the floor.

"Ouch what the hell do you think your doing, are you drunk or something, or is that how you reply to a person asking you a question?" D-lord asked in an annoyed way as he got up. he then looked at the man more closely seeing that the man had no uniform on he became suspicious.

"Wait a minute your not wearing a uniform, that must mean your a stow-away, just who are you in fact?"


Kryptonian Pride
daft stumbled onto the bridge and headed towards his seat at the front of the ship. "Prepare for light speed in 20 seconds." he mumbled.

"Mr. BLUE, are you drunk?" Captain Keith asked suspiciously.

"No, sir. I'm just a little buzzed." daft replied as he randomly punched buttons on the console. This caused the ship to nearly collide with another ship before jumping to light speed and heading for a planet.

Kamen Rider Kry

The Dopant Hunter
Kry felt the ship move and the precise point which they jumped and braced himself.
the inertia dampeners and general technology that keeps people from being splattered against at wall when warped to light speed helped- but nothing can be perfect and kry felt the counter top of the bar dig into his gut. "oof! Should have seen that comming..." Kry lamented as he got up and walked out into the corridor "Come Hunty." and at Kry's command the short staff levitated up and followed him out the door.


Dr. Null: Busted!

G.K.: Eat a dick Null!!

He had to get away from the stranger fast. He peeled himself off the floor and took off. Moving as fast as his drunken state would allow. Which unfortunately for him wasn't very fast.


Rider Champion
"OYE!!! get back here i'm not done with you yet" D-Lord said as he chased him down the hallway trying to catch up with the drunk stow away, seeing that it would be very easy to catch the stow away since he wasn't completely in his senses D-Lord slowed down a little .


Kryptonian Pride
"Alright then. Course set for the Surtur system. Auto-pilot engaged. I'm gonna go lie down." daft said, performing each of these actions in succession. He got up and, the eyes of Captain Keith on him, headed for the way out. On his way out, he accidentally ran into G.K. and D-Lord and almost fell over. I really need to watch out for people more. daft thought as he headed for his personal quarters. He really needed some sleep.


A large, red spaceship hovered in space, cloaked, watching the S.S. HJU whizzing by. On board, several reptillian creatures bustled around, not doing anything in particular. A hissing voice came over their comm system.

"Draga interceptor 3540, prepare for light speed, and mid-light speed boarding and attack." The ship immediately sped toward the HJU, and was cloaked all the time.

Kamen Rider Kry

The Dopant Hunter
Kry felt a shot of electricity shoot down his spine as he was walking along. The effects of the prolonged use of the Hunter memory were manifesting...

"..." Kry kept silent but walked at a faster pace, he glanced at at directory for the ship and legged it to the closest observation deck.

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
Savior was running some tests on the tracking systems when he saw another ship following the S.S HJU. At first, he thought it could be just a searcher ship from another planet but, it seem to be following the ship wherever it went.
" Maybe its lost........oh well, whatever it is it can wait. Doru-kun, let's get some popcorn from the kitchen, I feel like caramel today" Oh the way, he past Kry and draft and did a quick salute to each of them before going into the kitchen.