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The Meteor has landed
"Thanks, I think there are some snacks around the chamber area. Just go take a break while I take the belt for a little...maintenance." Drake said as he walked sheepishly back to the control room. He got to the belt chamber and took out his now fully-charged Birth Driver and replaced it with the Nadeshiko Driver. Once the Driver's system was connected with the computer, Drake scanned the Driver to see if the fuse for Cosmic Energy in the Driver had been affect much. "Hmm...doesn't it has, but to be safe; let's see if we can add some of Fourze's data onto the Driver." Drake said as he began to search for a copy of the data on the Fourze Driver.


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"No, we were just shocked, no pun intended, that Nadeshiko could do a States Change like Fourze could. Hell, the taros fought alongside a lot of riders except for Fourze, Meteor, or Nadeshiko as far as i know, it sure was for Momotaros." Jake explained.
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Zelda nodded in agreement with Jake’s recollection of the taros pairing up with different Kamen Rider eras. “No pun taken.†Zelda said rubbing her rear voluntarily recalling zapping herself in the process, “Heh heh…If it makes any difference did not imagine that the taros able to combine their powers into one either one.†Making her way over to the table searched answering the call that of an empty stomach. Come to think about it before the attack upon the school skipped out on eating lunch needed to resolve or be sick. Her eyes settle upon what look like a chocolate chip muffin and flavored ice tea.

“Then it would not sound odd to say openly listening to the Cosmic Energy guidance help find my potential.†Taking the prepared plate over to an empty table, “I understand now that they are to be called when the time is needed. Here I feel like I’m starting to ramble on pure nonsense…there is something that draws me a bit curious. What was it like when you first transformed?†It was a diversion from herself Zelda did not want to appear excited as she was feeling after completing the first task.


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"it was like letting someone else take control of your body then you sit back and watch what the person does with it. I found it both relieving and unsettling, relieving because i can actually transform into a Kamen rider, unsettling because i can get my ass kicked without an Imagin to take me over and whenever the taro gets the receiving end of a beating while in my body, well that goes without saying." Jake explained jerking a thumb towards Momotaros, apparently he got that little hint.

"Name 1 Time you were on the receiving end of that." Momotaros protested against that statement.

"Ok Momo-baka, How about that time you got me *****-slapped at the school and you got knocked out upon getting thrown out of my body." Jake pointed out.

"Ok, bet you cant name another." Momotaros said after taking a sip of imagin coffee.

"Need i mention the incident with Ryuga and the Diend gun?" Jake said with a slight cringe remembering that unfortunate event.

"OK OK i'll try being careful with other people's bodies in this world. Hell, the other taros sure are." Momotaros said with the taros shaking their heads and pointing fingers at Momotaros behind his back, implying that he wont be careful just to be a jackass.

"Momotaros, I'll just Hana-punch you if you do anything crazy with my body." Jake said to momotaros as the Red Imagin turned and scowled at the other taros.

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The Meteor has landed
"...Found it!" Drake exclaimed as he finally found the data on the Fourze Driver that was hidden deep in the system "Now, let's see if I can modify it to fit the Nadeshiko Driver."

Drake began to work on fixing the data to fit the system in the Nadeshiko Driver. He realize if he remove the X and Triangle Modules in the data, it would cause the fuses for the Cosmic Energy to be weaker.

"Hmm, if I want the fuses to stay in tact I would have to do something to keep the data on those two...What if I combine them into the O and Square Modules." Drake thought "It would cause too much power into the Switches yes, but the fuses might be strong enough so when using a States Switch, it would be able to contain it! Let's try it!"

Drake started configuring the data on the two to combine them into O and Square modules. Once it was done, he began uploading the data onto the Nadeshiko Driver and began to wait for it to finish installing. He then remembered about his Birth Driver and went to check on it.

"Woah, the power level on it had increase a bit. Looks like using Cosmic Energy was a good idea to use! Well, now that's done and the Belt is being finished, must well join the others."


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The sight watching the taros fight always brought a smile and laughter for Zelda. It was simply put a way that they expressed themselves as friends whenever they butted heads like that in her honest opinion. “Excuse me….†Zelda apologize nearly choking on her own food trying to hold back another fit of laughter, “Forgive me I should not laugh over something like that.†Waving that she was okay to them, “Why I still cannot believe that this is really happening to us….feel rather happy about to be honest. It might not be easy…but whatever comes our way ready to face it head on.†Rubbing the back of her head feeling a little embarrassed to speak what she felt to be true.

Turning slightly glance wondering if she should go back and help Drake. Though how she would be able to help...not to sure.

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The Meteor has landed
As Drake walked into the room, he noticed Zelda looking at his general direction.

"If you are wondering about your belt don't worry, the upgra- I mean maintenance is almost finished." Drake said trying to not reveal he had change something into the Driver's system.

"After it's done, we can move on to the Fire switch and see if you can handle it's strength as well."

Drake said he went towards the snack table and grabbing a double chocolate chip cookie. He noticed that the Taros were out and about, doing what they usually do. Suddenly, Drake had a thought popped up in his head and went to Jake to discuss it with him.

"Hey Jake, have you ever notice that the monster we have been fighting are only Undeads? What about other monsters like the Imagins or the Dopants? How come other monster haven't been appearing yet?" Drake asked hoping maybe he had an explanation for it.


"From what I gather..." Nicholas said, arriving into the room, pouring some chocolate chips down his mouth, then chewing it. He swallowed before continuing. "It could be that the other monsters haven't arrived yet. If they came from other worlds, it'd be pretty easy to assume that some of the monsters arrive more slowly than others."

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