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Ryuga nodded in response as he dismissed his sword, instead opting to draw another card from the Advent Deck and slotting it into the visor.

Final Vent

Aria charged up a blast of black fire as Ryuga rose, the onyx dragon unleashing the attack as Ryuga's ascent reached its apex. With a roar, Aria released the flame, sending Ryuga rocketing into the Undead, the impact sending flying back into a concrete wall.


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"Heh Heh Heh" M-Jake laughed maliciously, charged right to the undead that was stuck on the brick wall, and punched him on the belt. The belt opened up revealing he was ready to be sealed.

"SEAL HIS ASS." M-Jake yelled to chalice.


Chalice pulled out a card and threw it at the undead. With a final roar of rage the Paradoxa vanished; sucked back into it's (hopefully) eternal prison.

Shanti didn't transform back, as the armor was still dangerously hot. She'd end up with worse burns without it. Staggering forward as the card flew into her hand, Chalice glanced around.

"Is there a large body of water nearby? I need to cool my suit off before it roasts me alive."

"Oh... this should be obvious but please don't touch me. You'll only get burned. And I'd feel horrible."


"Well, look at that. It seems little miss Chalice has her belt already." Nicholas said to Aliah, looking at the monitors. However, he hoped it was Shanti holding Chalice's belt. He didn't know how to react if anyone else had Chalice's belt, especially with the fact that being Chalice has a high chance of the person being a Joker class Undead. Throughout his years as a Rider, he trusted Shanti the most when it came to being Chalice, for she seemed to be in control most of the time. Though there was that time with some dragons or what not, but that was in the past. He hoped.


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"I got an idea." M-Jake said. "Oh, God. Chalice, Run." Jake said.

"Don't be an Buzzkill, Jake." M-Jake said as he walked to a fire Hydrant, Jake put the pieces together from there. "You always have to kill our buzz, that is why you are labled as the buzzkill of the group."

"well you cant count. that is why you are labled as the moron of the group." Jake shot back.

at that point, M-Jake slashed the top of the fire hydrant to spray water with K-Jake using his strength to step on the water and direct the pressure to chalice, spraying the water on her and cooling her off.

"This thing was supposed to be used for emergencies, chalice was going to literally roast in their armor. that counted as an emergency." M-Jake said the others.


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Ryuga rolled his eyes in annoyance. "For once Momo-baka, you actually had a good idea. I'm almost impressed, almost. You have more common sense than I anticipated in the first place."

Turning back to Chalice, Ryuga glanced at her appraisingly. "So, if you're Joker and Chalice, then what exactly happened to Hajime-san? You mentioned Mutsuki so I'm assuming the other Blade-type Riders exist. With the Category King I'm assuming that you'll be fine with controlling Joker for now."


"Well, look at that. It seems little miss Chalice has her belt already."

Aliah turned toward Nick and slightly frowned. But he wasn't frowning because of the comment but due to the fact that he gripped Dark Kiva's belt; with a soft snoring coming from the Kivat perched on it.

"I was afraid of a situation like this happening. Once 'awakened' Chalice's belt immediately returns to Shanti. Fate will not allow her peace in that regard... or in the..." Aliah trailed off.

"But thankfully it was only the Category King missing. And Ryuga and Den-O helped seal it."

"Ironic really..." He muttered softly; with a touch annoyance growing in voice. "The King was missing in her deck.... and in that battle I was missing."

He began to shake the belt somewhat roughly before finally yelling "WAKE UP ALREADY!!!"


As the water hit Chalice's overheated suit, it evaporated. But after several long moments in which K-Jake kept waiting for the steam to stop, finally releasing the water to gush upwards.

Chalice now stood soaked in the rubble-lined streets but couldn't have cared less. She turned toward Den-O with an unseen grin.

"Thanks for that."

Chalice could feel Ryuga's hesitant look. "Oh that remark?..." Chalice shook her head in annoyance... and slight remembrance. "I don't know if the others still exist. As for Mutsuki...."

Flashes of memories long suppressed threatened to break through. Through gritted teeth Chalice stated "I just don't like him is all. He...err... His cards don't like me either. If I would have used just one I probably would be a popsicle right now."

"I don't know if the Kenzaki-tachi still exist. Including Hajime. But yeah. I should be good with controlling Joker now. Seeing as to be Chalice you automatically become the Joker. No choice in that matter sadly."

Pulling a card out of her hold Chalice swiped it.[FONT=Verdana, serif] SPIRIT[/FONT] echoed as her human form appeared. Oddly her clothes and hair were completely dry.

"Well... shall we go back? I bet Aliah is having a fit right now." She chuckled softly at the remark before realizing something. "Uh... we do have a place to go back too right? A base for us?"


(OOC: I've decided on the effects from using the others cards.

Blade:: 0-2: no effect/very minor tingling in limbs; 3-4: stronger tingling, now almost burning/numbing of target limbs; 5+: near immediate electrocution upon energy release, complete loss of consciousness.

Garren:: 0-1: no effect/minor burning in limbs; 2-3: muscles began to burn/suit begins to visibly overheat; 4+: flames begin to consume armor from belt up/down, dangerously overheating, requires immediate cooling.

Leangle:: 0-1: no effect/minor frost visible on armor; 2: frost grows and reduces mobility and attack; 3+: Complete freezing from belt up/down, left unchecked will freeze Chalice solid.

I've based this on both the show (character's relationship with Hajime) and more-so on interactions in the first/second RPG.

I'll reveal what occurred slowly in flashbacks... as Chalice still hasn't come to terms with it.

The belt up/down is for Chalice either Shooting/Punching/Slashing (arms and up) or Kicking (legs and down). Just wanted to make that clearer.)
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Zelda look around realizing that she was alone, "This is my downfall. Everytime that I get caught up into something I zone out and lose something important." wondering what had happened to the others. Closing the suit case stood back up. If they were in some sort of trouble she'd never forgive herself not helping those important to her.

(OOC: Sorry, I got lost)


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"Is that so? I would understand if Hikaru would hate you, but I can't see why Shima-san would. Although I can understand why you don't like Mutsuki that much. Leangle would have been better off with someone with an actual spine."

Glaring at Den-O, Ryuga sighed, "Anyways, it's probably best if we head back. I shall escort you back to our base personally." Turning to Aria, he nodded his head, "Thanks for the help."

"It's no problem, m- Master Ryuga." Aria stated. Ryuga sighed.

"...Well, at least it's a start." he remarked.


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M-Jake started gathering and connecting the sidecars so Saito and Chalice could ride back to Rabbit Hutch with Jake cause he had no idea if either of them had a motorcycle, so he decided to play taxi-driver again.

"I'll drive you guys back to rabbit hutch. yes, that means our base is on the moon." Jake said to the group.

M-Jake drove Chalice and Saito to the building and entered Rabbit Hutch via Locker.

"thats one small step into the locker, and one free admission for the HJU base. Oh, uhh is that Aliah, the guy yelling at what looks like a dark kiva belt?"


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Taking only a single step forward it had occurred to Zelda there being a small snag in her plan. Exactly how would she know where to find them? It was not like they had left any indication of their current whereabouts behind for her to track them down. More importantly if she did know their whereabouts how to get back to Earth. Looking outside the Rabbit Hutch bite down upon her lower lip harder in frustration not favoring unable help them. Breathing in deeply Zelda tried to calm down and focus maybe having overlooked something of importance that might help.

After few moments of contemplation pulled away from the viewed stared at the console few feet away before smacking herself in the face. “Baka†Zelda muttered to herself, “If the Astro Switch Kaban can charge the Astro Switches and various functions….†Quickly lifted the case onto her right arm opening, “…then it might be able to communicate from here with the others. In theory….â€


"thats one small step into the locker, and one free admission for the HJU base. Oh, uhh is that Aliah, the guy yelling at what looks like a dark kiva belt?"

Shanti could only grin at Jake's faltering introduction, his confusion perfectly clear.

Stepping around Jake for the time being; Shanti walked behind Aliah and calmly smacked him on the back of the head.

Aliah jumped at the sudden hit; nearly dropping the belt. Reflexively he turned to attack, raising his left hand.

Shanti knew Aliah more that well enough to get his attention. As she watched his left hand fly up Shanti calmly met it, pressing her palm against his and began to speak:

Soul to Soul and Heart to Heart;
Forever One and Eternally Two;
So Rise the Beasts of Life and Death;
From Their Cursed Slumber;
The One Whom Death Avoids;
Stands Within The Shadows;
The Blackened Heart Beats;
and Once More the Arrow Flies;

At that moment Aliah began to speak as well, their voices now in perfect synch. Their eyes closed:

The Dark King Wakes;
Shattering the Seal;

Standing Alone it Seems;
To Act the Knight Eternally;
Forever Guarding the Living Seal;
For The Dark King Knows;
The Unspoken Joke and Smiles....

At that very moment Aliah's left hand began to burn as the Symbol of the King appeared. Mirroring his King; Shanti now holds the Queen. Though her Symbol rapidly faded as a new voice broke their trance.

"KING! You've returned!" The Black Kivat, Kurovat, cried in joy. Metal wing-beats echoed as he circled the pair. "I'm so glad to see you both!"

The Dark Kiva belt vanished; automatically merging with Aliah. His eyes flashed crimson for a moment. Shanti smiles and steps back; slumping down into a nearby chair.

"Welcome Back...." She whispered tiredly "Dark Kiva... King and Keeper once more."


(OOC: Sorry for the late reply. Works been hectic. The Poem (though not very good) does describe Shanti and Aliah's situation very accurately. It was a random thing that wrote itself as I went :laugh:)


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"Oh, ****. i forgot to empty to taros out of my body." Jake said, taking the belt off his body, exiting climax form as the taros got fell out of Jake's body. Momotaros hit his head on a chair. Kintaros was most likely asleep. Ryuutaros hopped to his feet and Urataros fell to the floor on his ass.

"Jeez Jake. ouch my head." Momotaros said all pissed off as usual, Jake could tell he would be his usual self from there.

"Kivat?" Urataros said pointing at the talking bat flying around in the room.

Savior Den-o

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"Shoot! And now Dark Kiva? Oh man, alright then as long we can keep him from not transforming we should be good. Hey Jake can you hear me? I need your help on making sure that black bat doesn't get near that man. If he does, let's just say get ready for the world's end. I will be there to help soon, my Belt is at 70% currently. Until then, hold on!" Drake said through the headset as he continued to monitor the battle that was going. Having to hear what sounded like someone talking to themselves, he turned around to see who it was "Hmm? Zelda, what are still doing here? I thought you left with the others? Although I guess it is good thing you are here, I got some new Switches for you to use."


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"Drake, I dont think we need to worry about Dark Kiva, from what i learned these past few hours on this crazy adventure, is just because a rider was evil on the show, doesnt mean the people using that rider's very belt in our world will be evil. Besides, i can tell he is on our side because he couldn't have gotten in here without saying his HJU user name for admission." Jake explained to Drake Via K-taros.

"So, i take it you are Dark Kiva. Nice to meet you. My name is Jake." Jake greeted Aliah. the taros got up from the floor after they fell from the climax form De-Henshining "And you should know my four Imagin there."


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Zelda scratched the side of her face with one finger blushing, “I wanted to learn further what exactly the Nadeshiko Driver, Astro Switches and Astro Switch Kaban can do exactly.†Lowering her hand back down, “It never fails whenever I find something fascinating tend to tune out the world around me.†Chuckling nerviously walked over towards Drake, “Whatever happened I feel kinda guilty not everyone had left, but I wanted to be more helpful than rush into things. What happened?†Zelda sat down across him eyes more open, “New Switches? Sweet! If they’re anything like the ones I have now cannot wait to try them out.â€

When time permitted Zelda made a mental note to learn what she can about her new powers and focus helping the others out. “Are they okay?â

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"Huh, oh the others. They are fine for now, however I'm am worried about our new...member. He holds the power of Dark Kiva, in which might be unstoppable. I'm worried that if he becomes Dark Kiva....he might not be in control of what he is doing. But, you worry about that later for now I want you to try these two Switches." Drake said as he takes two Circles switches from the Switch Board. These Switches were different however, for these were "States Switches, these are what you call Power-Ups or Form Changers. The yellow one here is the Elec Switch. Just like it is called, it can give you Electric attacks as well as a Blunt Sword that call channel those powers. The red one is the Fire Switch. Just like Elec, it can give fire powers and a auxiliary weapon that has two modes. One is to spread fire and fire attacks alike. And the other is to stop the fire from spreading." Drake had explained about each Switch. "However, I'm not sure if you can use them. The Nadeshiko Driver is more like a Beta version of the Fourze Driver so, it might be able to bring the full potential of the Switches. Or worse, it might destroy the Driver itself. So in that case, use these Switches for emergencies only. Got it memorized?" Cautioned Drake.

"Now as for where to test them...there's a testing chamber over there by the control panel. Transform in there and try the Switches out. The chamber has some kind of device that takes away excessive Cosmic Energy, so you should be safe while testing those two out." Drake pointed out. "Not to mention, I can use the extra Cosmic Energy to charge the Birth Driver faster." Drake said in his thoughts.


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Ryuga exited from the sidecar before reverting his transformation.

"Aliah is Dark Kiva?" Saito frowned, "That implies that he's Fangire, specifically King. I'm honestly glad that he hasn't tried to kill all of us yet like the original King."

Turning to Zelda, he sent her a cautious glance. "Keep in mind, using the State Switches will put you into unimaginable pain for a couple of seconds. As long as you can bear it though, the switches will increase your power exponentially. However..." Saito added glancing at the board. The 40th switch slot remained empty unlike the others. "Hopefully we'll be able to find the Cosmic Switch soon. But I can't be sure if the Nadeshiko Driver will be able to handle it."


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A new member had had been found brought a smile across her face till Drake’s concern look etch across his face upon mention the user holding the power of Dark Kiva. Now there was another Kamen Rider Series right up Zelda’s alley, but then again the young blue-hair buxom woman was a complete fan of all the Kamen Rider Series truthfully. There was reason for their shared concern chose hold onto hope that not being the case reminded what Kivat-bat the 2nd had done in one episode. Disgusted with the King’s method the Kivat II offered Otoya his powers to become Dark Kiva. It was that Zelda wanted more to believe that this new user wield the power accordingly. Zelda nodded briefly getting the gist of the two States Switches as they were passed over to her hands. “I appreciate both you concern guys†holding both switches in one hand, “, but there’s an old saying that I’ve placed as one of my fundamentals in life. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. While I’m not dissing the cautionary advice guys I want to push my own limitations and that means taking a giant step forward.†Giving them a peace sign.

“We shall find out when we’ve cross that road than won’t we?†Zelda smirked, “Maybe it is my natural hyperness talking here cannot help feel ecstatic to test these out.†Bending over Zelda removed the belt from the Switch Kaban Case making her way over to the chamber.

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"Oh right then, transform in the chamber so we can begin testing. Now remember, if you start a bit weird, let the feeling flow to you. You are going need to do that if you want to activate the Switch." Drake said as he walked towards the control. He went towards the chair next to the panel and began redirecting the flow of Cosmic Energy from the chamber to his Belt. "There, now when she transform and begins the testing, my belt will charger 20% faster than usual" Drake said in his thoughts. "Oh right then , you ready?"

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