HJU Mobile: Tokusatsu Wallpapers

Keith Justice

New Member
This is the object of my current obsession.


I want it on my Android, but simply clicking and and clicking "set to wallpaper" doesn't work as easily as I would have liked, like what you see on like.. my Windows wallpaper.

Could someone hook this up as a 960X800?

And can the rest of you art aces maybe make more so that in the future we have a big ass catalog for people to use in the future?

I don't want anything fancy... just this picture formatted so that it can look good on my phone.
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Keith Justice

New Member
No need to hide it...

Lessee.... my phone can't grab it... lessee if it can [ame]http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m280/mgs4life/KamenRiderFourze-Android.jpg[/ame]

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