HJL Ordering Issue: Should I Be Worried


OK, I ordered Ultra-Act UltraSeven, who is Backordered I will note, on March 24th.

I got an email confirming this and all that, and then I got another email a week later to confirm it all again.

However since then, I have gotten no emails of any sort.

It's now 36 days later.

Should I be worried?


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Have you tried emailing them back and see what's the progress of your order?


I figured it'd just be an automatic thing after the first few emails.

...Then I got busy with real life stuff.

Luckily getting my power knocked out by a storm the other day got me paranoid. So I'll likely go do that...


Backordered means that hlj doesn't have the item in stock but they expect to be able to get more in at some point. Items can be on backorder for at least up to 60 days, so just be patient. They should get it in eventually.


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Yeah I wouldn't worry about the backorder deal. I had a Medal Case on order for probably 2 months or more and just got an e-mail yesterday confirming it shipped after I paid for it. Takes a while, but they made good on it.