High School of the Dead


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I ended up downloading the wrong fansub somewhere else and got subs in... German or something, I really have no idea what language it was in.

But I was too lazy to find an English sub, so I just watched the episode in whatever language it was in. It was good from what I could understand (a bit gory for my tastes, but oh well), but I'll form a better opinion once I watch it with English subs. :p

I don't like zombie stories very much at all, but I'll probably still watch this. Especially once I get back to college and have my roommates watch it with me.


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Well it's obviously the language of the anime is Japanese unless it's dub by other languages. I post the episode link for free to watch without downloading.


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Whoops, I mistyped. The spoken language was Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the subtitles were German (but I deleted the file so I can't be certain). I've taken a semester of Japanese and have done independent study since then, so I did have a shaky grasp on what was being said, but I didn't get the full idea of what was going on.

Ah, now that I look back in the thread, I see that you did post up the link. Thanks, I'll have to watch it later on tonight. :)


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You can go to MegaVideo but I usually post the episode link every time it broadcast & sub.


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Takagi is such a ***** towards Hirano, but damn, she really freaked out when she was killing that zombie. She used a drill right?

Saeko's a pretty cool chick and the nurse is pretty much I expected her to be: clumsy:laugh:

Episode 2 is pretty kickass and I love the title for ep3 "Democracy Under The Dead":buttrock:


I missed bits of episode 2 due to being busy, but I will rewatch over the weekend, anyways it didnt seem as awsome as episode 1 did, still cool just not as cool, lets hope the series overall has epic win value :)


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For now, they need to plan to get out of school away from those zombies as soon as possible.


^ I'm pretty sure they are going to be out of the school by the next ep. Just saw ep 2 and creating a wanna be machine gun has got to be the greatest idea. Headshots FTW :buttrock:


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This looks AWESOME. I love their art. There's something about it that's different from other animes.

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