Hi-Fi Rush, Fight an Evil Corporation with Music!

Seth Larson

<p>Hi-Fi Rush is a fusion of Hack N Slash and action Rhythim Game from Tango Gameworks. A rising videogame company founded by the legendary Shinji Mikami. He is the man who created the iconic, Resident Evil. The first thing I notice are the bright cell shaded 2.5 graphics. You can’t believe it is 3d because it looks hand drawn 2d. With all the dark and gloomy games we had right now, this is a refreshing change. It is exclusive for PC Microsoft players and Xbox Series X/S only. Sorry Play station and Nintendo fans because it is not available in other platforms. Music is an important element of this game because the beats can be useful for timing when to push the button. Unlike most Hack N Slash where you mash buttons, this one have elements of an Action Rhythm game like Guitar Hero or Bust a Groove.</p>


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Gosh, the cell shading appears to have been accomplished with great effort! It's one of the first cel-shaded games I've seen that makes it difficult to distinguish between cel-shading and real 2D! And it's one of the first games I've seen that I want to play! It baffles me that the creator of terrifying video games such as "Resident Evil" and "Evil Within" is now responsible for making something so cheerful.


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I can't believe Mikami-san created this game, but I can't wait to try it out! And it's absurd to think that this went unnoticed until today, given how it occurred. This makes me feel like I'm watching a Saturday morning cartoon, and it looks like something that would have appeared on Cartoon Network in the past. The majority of Japanese video games are heavily influenced by anime, but this one is more Early 2000s cartoon network-like.

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Wow It is available now? Gotta get my credit card because I am going to be this ASAP! It is made by my Lord and Savior Shinji Mikami. It is a Blessing from my God!


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It amazes me that they were able to reveal this information out of nowhere. It takes a lot of courage to delay an announcement and instead concentrate on marketing. On the day of the game 's release, the trailer was posted online. Because I desire success for Tango and Bethesda, I sincerely hope that people purchase it.


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This game became available to the public twenty minutes after the initial announcement, and it appears to be an overall enjoyable experience. This is impressive on many different levels. This game was clearly made with a great deal of care; Chai, who is both delusional and talented, is very approachable. The music played by the first boss, Nine Inch Nails, is excellent. The game's soundtrack features outstanding work.


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Usually games have months of Marketing. This one have zero marketing at all but it exploded!


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Finally, a video game that innovates by forcing players to participate in the game rather than simply watching pre-rendered cutscenes. This is the procedure that must be followed in order to create and release a truly exceptional video game. The first few hours I spent playing this game last night convinced me that it is a very enjoyable overall experience.


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It would not have been difficult for them to create an animated series if that was their goal. I can't wait to start watching because the cast of characters is so intriguing if a series happens. It was extremely wise of them to pull the game so soon after it was announced. A great review formula includes no hype, no expectations, and a game that can actually be played. A part of me wants to cry because the only video game consoles I own are a PlayStation 5 and a Nintendo Switch.


This video game reminds me of something I would have enjoyed playing on my SEGA Dreamcast when I was younger. The main character has the appearance and mannerisms of someone from the 1990s, and there is an unmistakable air of melancholy.
Amazingly wonderful and delightful beyond my wildest expectations! I'm overjoyed at the prospect of getting my hands on it and playing it.


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Tango, You certainly outdid yourself with this one. The impact and weight of the moves are well-suited to the rhythm subgenre, the visuals are awesome, the humor is good, and they were very confident in releasing a surprise, which was not unfounded. Because of all of these factors, you can tell that this is the type of game that a kid in the future will have absolute Nostalgia for: the visuals are awesome, the humor is good, and they were really confident to surprise release.

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