Hermonie Granger And The Mystic Daughters (Completed)


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Alex Ruso - Red Ranger
Hermonie Granger - Blue Ranger
Harper Finkle - Yellow Ranger
Raven Baxter - Green Ranger
Kim Possible - Pink Ranger

Hogwarts Roster

Hermonie Granger - Head Mistress Of Hogwarts
Alex Ruso - Head Of The Ministry Of Magic
Raven Baxter And Harper Finkle - Co Head Mistress Of Gryffindore


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Chapter 1

Hermonie was assigned as the headmistress of Hogwarts so she had just gotten there along with Alex Ruso the Ministry Of Magic supervisor. Raven Baxter and Harper Finkle had joined and were in the Gryffindore head mistress's office. These 4 were about to start the year off as the new management of the school. But a mystical detour to Briarwood was about to complicate things for they would soon be called on to face the Master by none other than Claire who was now in charge of Rootcore. One more would join them and the Mystic legacy would be revived once more...

Briarwood - 2007

Hermonie and her friends were somehow found themselves at Rootcore and were meeting Claire. Kim Possible was also there and the tale Claire was about to tell the soon to be new Rangers would change their destinies and there would be no turning back. These 5 were about to face a battle that would determine if humanity survived.


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Claire started her story.
"Last year the Mystic Rangers battled the Master who ruled the underworld with dark magic. My Rangers used good magic to stop him but thought to have lost their powers. I was able to revive the cell Morphers and I need your help."
"How bad can this Master be?" Kim asked
"Big time because dark energy has built up enough and it revived him. I need your help."
Alex nodded.
"I'm a family Wizard. I'll give this a shot."
"I fought Voldamort 9 years ago. I know the dangers of fighting Dark Magic." Hermonie said.
"I'm in too. If this guy is bad news we have to shut him down." Raven added.
"After Draken this should be easy." Kim sad. "Save the world is what I do all the time. Count me in."
"Not without me. Alex is my best friend and I'm coming with her this time. It's my turn to kick some magic behind." Harper snapped. "Better make that five of us"
Claire brought over the Morphers.
"Hermonie is the boss so she should take red." Raven said.
"True but since Alex is a family Wizard she should do it. I'm not too sure I should take on extra management duties." Hermonie told Raven.
Alex looked at Hermonie.
"Well Hermonie if you're sure about this."
Hermonie looked at Alex.
"Alex your whole life people have felt that you would never master your spells. You always step up to pull off the big save. You put your friends above yourself. In the end no matter how hard it is you always do the right thing. You have the heart to lead us. Will you?"
Alex grinned.
"You bet I will Hermonie."
"I'm already in charge of Hogwarts. I won't end up like Voldamort so I'll have to decline as Red Ranger but I'll step in as Blue." Hermonie said. "Voldamort wanted controls and power and he used it to destroy everything. He even had the Elder Wand. That's too much power. I refuse to make the same mistake. You take Red Alex."
Alex grinned.
"I'll do it Hermonie."
Claire passed the Morphers and gave Alex red.
Hermonie had blue .
Raven had green.
Harper had gotten yellow.
"Key in 123 and call Magical Source - Mystic Force." Claire said.
Alex and the Rangers nodded. A vicious woman appeared on the screen and her name was Baryl.
"Who is that?" Harper muttered in surprise.
The Rangers left to intercept Baryl.

A few minutes later they reached Baryl's location.
"Looks like I have a little competition." Baryl said. "With the Master's destruction I'm the ruling mistress of Dark Magic. My name is Queen Baryl. With the Sailor Gardians out of my way Earth will very shortly be mine."
"I wouldn't count on that highness." Raven said. "We're going to bounce your royal behind off our planet."
"Time for us to bring it. Ready girls?" Alex asked.
The others nodded.
They keyed in 123 on their Morphers.
"Magical Source - Mystic Force." Alex called out.
The girls morphed.
"Even if the Guardians aren't here you still have to deal with the Mystic Force Rangers." Harper told Baryl. "Bring it on and show us what you got lady. We're not backing down. Time to dance."
"Gladly. Hiddiacks get them!" Baryl called out.
Kim had the easiest time of it flipping out of the way of two of them before sweeping each with
her leg and dropping them.
She joined Alex and they double teamed several.
"Need a hand?"
"Thanks." Alex said.
Raven and Hermonie plus Harper were fighting a few.
"Man she doesn't mess around." Raven snapped.
"No duh Raven." Harper said.
"Where did she come from?" Hermonie asked.
"We have to find out." Raven told them as Kim and Alex joined them.
"We were caught in traffic." Alex snapped.
"Any ideas who Baryl is?" Raven asked.
"I know somebody who might." Alex said.

Alex transported the Rangers to Luna's secret base.
"Can I help you?" Usagi asked.
"I'm Alexandra Ruso the Red Mystic Ranger and we need help. We ran into an old
ugly of yours. Queen Baryl. Outside Rootcore recently." Alex said.
April flinched.
"Baryl? She's back? Why?"
"She means to become Emporess of Dark Magic and we need to shut her down." Raven said.
April nodded.
"Not a total surprise due to the fact she tried that before and we stopped her." Usagi said.
April nodded.
"Not a total surprise due to the fact she tried that before and we stopped her." Usagi said.
"Well she's back." Harper told Usagi.
"Guys we have another problem." Ami said. "Dark energy has been building up somehow."
"How is that possible?" Kim asked.
"Well apparently if left unchecked it can get strong on it's own." Rei said.
"Unless Baryl has been giving these energy build ups more of her own dark energy."
April said.
"Well I've heard of that." Alex said. "If that's the case I say we try and see where this dark energy is. Don't use any spells. The dark energy might feed off the energy. We have to find another away to contain that dark magic."
Luna was listening to Alex.
"Maybe if you became the Mystic Guardians you could use that to stop Baryl if direct magic
is out of the question."
Alex nodded.
"Sounds OK with us. We need to stop dark magic not make it stronger. Rangers we have to
The others nodded.
"Do it Luna." Raven said.
Luna placed tiaras on the Rangers and the energy was absorbed into the morphers.
They soon had new powers.
"Our powers don't use direct magic." Rei said.
"From this hour forward you Rangers will be known as the Mystic Guardians."
April said.
"Just call for Mystic Prisim Power - Make Up and you'll be transformed into the new
Guardians." Amy added.
The Rangers grinned.
"This could be just what we need." Harper said.
Hermonie looked at her Rangers.
"Let's go kick some dark magic behind." Raven told them.


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Chapter 2

Hogwarts - London , England

The Mystic Gardians were in Hermonie's office later that day and they were deciding what to do about Baryl. Hermonie herself was looking over reports from the last Tri Wizard Cup which had involved Harry and that was when Voldamort had returned. She still got chills thinking about it. The Red Ranger looked at Hermonie.
"Hermonie come on. What's the matter? You can't let the past slow you down in the now."
"That isn't the problem Alex. It's the dark energy residue. It may have built up since then."
"And if Baryl uses it we're in big trouble." Kim said.
Alex nodded.
"Can we risk going back in time to stop it?" Harper asked.
"We'd be going back to that fight with Voldamort." Hermonie said.
"Just a minute Rangers." Alex snapped. "I know where this is going. If it's a time jump we're talking about it would have to be before that and we'd need to intercept."
"When then?" Raven asked.
"To Hermonie's third year as a student at Hogwarts. Before Voldamort came back the first time." Alex said. "That was about a year before the tri Wizard match Harry was in. The trouble hadn't started before that."
"Who's going?" Harper asked.
"Hermonie's there as a student already." Alex said. "There were already two of her there before. I'm going as is Raven. The rest hold the school just in case."
Alex used a time jump spell and she and Raven were gone.
"Alex is taking a major risk." Harper snapped.
"Well if she's right they can slow down the dark energy before Baryl can use it." Kim said.
Hermonie nodded.
She hoped Alex and Raven could pull it off.

Hogwarts - 1993

Alex and Raven were 14 years in the past and went to see Dumbledore.
"I'm Professor Ruso. I run the Ministry Of Magic in 2007. I need your help."
Dumbledore nodded.
"Please continue."
Raven spoke up.
"Sir we think dark magic residue has been building in the last 15 years and has somehow gained strength on it's own. If allowed to linger somebody dangerous may make use of it. They can draw power from it."
"So we came in hopes of might being able to contain that dark energy before that happens."
"Is there a shield or something that can contain this dark energy?"
Dumbledore nodded.
"There is Professors."
"It might be dangerous to use counter magic." Raven said.
"Professor Baxter has a point. Is there a Plan B?"
That got Dumbledore's attention.
"As a matter of fact yes Professor Ruso at great risk."
"We took that plenty coming to see you and Baryl is the bigger threat. We have to slow her down." Raven said.
That name chilled Dumbledore.
"I have a favor to ask while you two are here." Dumbledore said. "I need you two to cover as Head of the school while I look into your situation. I may be a few days."
"Sure Professor." Alex said.
"Then the school is in your charge Ruso and Baxter."
Dumbledore left.
"Alex we better keep a low profile while we're in the past." Raven snapped.
Hermonie entered with Ron and Harry.
"Professor Ruso can we have a word?" Hermonie asked.
"Sure Hermonie." Raven said.
Alex smiled.
"What can we do for you?"
Harry spoke.
"Well the problem is that unless a sub fills in then unfortunately we all fail the class."
Raven looked at them.
"What class?"
Ron looked at Raven.
"Defense Against The Dark Arts." Ron said.
"Boys would you wait out side the door a minute?" Raven asked.
Harry and Ron stepped out.
Alex looked at Hermonie.
"Sit down Ms Granger."
Hermonie did as Raven closed the door.
"Hermonie it was brilliantly lucky we found you." Raven said.
"We need your help on that count."
"Sure Professors. What can I do?"
"We came 14 years to your time to stop the dark energy from building up. Since you're studying up can you help us counter with a plan B if Magic doesn't work?" Alex asked.
"Sure we can. There are loads of ways to counter without magic." Hermonie said.
"Then we just might have our ace in the hole." Raven told Alex.



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Chapter 3

Hogwarts - 1993

Alex called Harry and Ron back into the office.
"Boys sit down. We need to sort out how to counter dark magic." Raven said.
Harry and Ron sat and Alex closed the door.
Raven looked at the three of them.
"Hermonie thinks we can counter without using magic directly." Alex said.
"Meaning?" Ron asked.
Harry got it.
"Ron there are objects that can let me just say reflect magic back the other way and that's what we need."
Alex smiled.
"I know about that since I'm a family wizard. Some objects bounce off and re direct the Magic back. Like hitting a wall. The magic bounces off."
"So we need to reflect the Magic." Harry said. "Not make it stronger."
"What has Hogwarts got that can?" Raven asked.
Hermonie suddenly got it.
"Mirrors. They reflect."
That gave Raven an idea.
"Guys we need stuff that's Crystal clear that reflects back." Raven said.
"Reflective objects. Bingo." Harry told them.
"I like where this is going. Let's get reflecting." Alex said.
Hermonie giggled.
"And I have the thing for that everybody."
Hermonie lead everyone to a room. It was full of items that would reflect magic.
Alex smiled and she looked around.
She took several of them and placed a few in her bag.
"We may need them when we get home.
Hermonie nodded.
"Well I'm not sure how long we can contain the energy but these could short it out."
"So where are the energy pools?" Ron asked.
Alex smiled.
"We have to find them Ron."
"Well I know one place." Harry said. "With loads of it."
"That could be our hot spot Harry." Raven told Harry. "Lead the way."
Harry did.

And they came to a maze.
"It can't be. The same maze from the Tri Wizard Cup." Alex tmuttered.
"Stay sharp everybody I'm getting a vibe." Raven snapped.
She focused on one spot.
Suddenly she zeroed in on the port key location.
"Bingo. Voldamort was revived at the port key exit near a grave."
"I heard about that." Alex said. "We have to get over there."
That's where the five of them headed.


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The 5 of them picked through the maze and as expected there were traces of Dark energy so the group placed the objects carefully and the energy was soon contained. They did this with all the objects at other places close by.

Back at Hogwarts later they relaxed.
"Hopefully we can slow Baryl down when we get back." Raven said.
"If the barrier holds out that long." Alex told Raven.
Suddenly Snape entered the office.
"What have we here?"
Alex looked at Shape.
"We were putting up barriers against dark energy." Harry said.
"That may hold for a short time Potter but the Magic can not be contained forever."
"It might be enough to slow her down." Raven snapped. "You can't just assume the dark will win all the time. Good has to win sooner or later."
"There are forces even you five can not defeat. You will be over matched and that will be your undoing."
Alex lost it.
"We have to try Snape. We don't quit because the long game is against us. I'm in charge and I refuse to let that happen. We have to slow this down no matter the odds and no matter how long it takes."
"I'm not giving up without a fight. Sooner or later Baryl will make her play and we have to be ready for her when she does." Raven snapped.
"Either help us or get out of the way Professor." Ron added.
Snape was about to say something.
"Who cares about points? Baryl has to be stopped or we all lose." Harry added.


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Chapter 4

They all knew Harry was right. Snape was about to say something but stopped himself when Raven spoke.
"I agree with Harry. When facing a life or death fight the rules go out the window. Fighting to stay alive to save your life and everybody else takes priority and protecting the students comes first. When Alex and I see you again remember that. The time to debate the rules is over. The time to act to fight for survival already started this year. When Voldamort comes back as well if he does none of that will matter. He'll try to take the school over. We have enough to worry about without that nut case getting control of the staff and student body. We have one chance to stop both of them and we'd better make it count."
Stand down Professor we'll take care of it." Alex said. "Baxter has a point. We may not have another chance to stop them. We were already working on defenses. Let us do our job and get back to your class. Leave Granger and the guys to us. No penalties. They work for Baxter and me is that clear Professor?"
"Entirely Professor Ruso." Snape said.
"Dismissed Professor Snape." Raven snapped.
"Step out of line again and Alex and I will both have your behind and head. Punishment wise." Raven said.
Snape left.
Alex smiled.
"Don't think I won't Professor Baxter. I may follow through on that threat when we get home."


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Chapter 5

Raven was in the Headmaster’s office going over some of the reports when Alex joined her.

“Time for DADA class Rea.”

“Thanks Alex. But do we risk blowing our cover about 07?”

“Maybe we won’t have to. Come on.”
Alex and Raven left for class.

The girls were at the front and Raven started”Hi guys my name is Professor Baxrter and we’re taking over Defence Against Dark Magic this year. Now we have a bit of a problem to deal with. Already we were working on countering dark energy. Magic is a no way Jose due to the fact dark energy feeds off the Magic so our goal to counter that is make defences reflective. Professor Ruso will explain what the deal is so I’ll hand over to her. Alex?”
“Thanks Professor Baxter. We found one spot of dark energy in the shifting maze from the Tri Wizard tournament. Over time that energy can build. We want to contain these energy pools as early as we can.”
“So we build a reflective barricade in those places to contain the dark magic. The problem is we have no way to know how long this will hold out.”
Malfoy shook his head.
“Voldamort will be countering that as we speak and if he does you can’t defeat Dark Magic.”
“Assuming he’s revived but he hadn’t yet Malfoy.” Raven said. “We intercepted it. Somebody would be stupid to try to breach a reflective barrier.”
“If it’s held in place long enough.” Alex added. “The attempt would backfire on them.”
Hermonie laughed.
“And on top of that Malfoy the Horcruxes are still out there so they would be what keeps him alive. Break them he’s finished.”
Alex grinned.
“Giving me an idea Ms. Granger. 25 points Gryffindore.” Alex said.
“And another 10 for also solving our problem.” Raven added. “That may work with Baryl.”
Alex grinned.
“So we just need to figure out what might weaken Baryl. I love it.”

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