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If HBO Max comes out with a FOURTH trailer for Peacemaker within the next two weeks, we’ll have to take back that headline, but here’s Trailer #3 for the anticipated DC series, released over the weekend. And it’s RED BAND – just the way Peacemaker would want it! Hide the kids before you watch.

In case you haven’t seen ANY Peacemaker trailers before, this is the same version of the character that debuted in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (an excellent movie that you should probably watch before viewing this show). He’s an arrogant, egotistical man who believes in “peace at any cost, no matter how many men, women and children I have to kill to get it.” The previous trailer hinted at some kind of redemption arc for him, but as you can see from the clips above, he’s got a long road to get there.
Peacemaker will have a whole new team to work with in the series, though we’ve seen some of them before…Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee are reprising their roles of ARGUS agents...

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