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A&E Networks is now offering the suspense thriller Her Deadly Groom (originally a Lifetime TV movie) on digital platforms.
Allison just got over a breakup, and isn’t feeling eager to resume dating again. Her best friend decides to set up her profile on a dating site anyway, without her permission, but since this is the movies, Allison is pleased rather than furious about that. And she might have actually met the man of her dreams as a result.
But eventually, her friend figures out the truth: Vincent, the man Allison just hastily married, knows Allison is next in line to inherit millions if her brother dies. And then if SHE dies, it’s all his. Can they stop his gold-digging murder plot before any of them wind up in the ground?
Her Deadly Groom stars Kate Watson as Allison, Michael DeVorzon as her ill-advised love interest, and Eric Roberts in an unidentified role. It was directed by Jared Cohn (The Horde, Little Dead Rotting Hood) and it’s now available to watch on digital...
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