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The last time we reported on the sci-fi horror RPG Hellpoint, we said it had been given an April 2020 release date on all devices. The Switch version hit a delay, though, and we haven’t heard anything about its release until now. To make up for the wait, Merge Games and publisher tinyBuild are giving us a physical version!

Preorders for a Collector’s Edition physical of Hellpoint on Switch and PS4 are open now. For $50 you’ll get a soundtrack CD, a 44-page artbook, and two limited-edition enamel pins. If you just want a copy of the game itself, that’s also available for $35. They’re UK releases, but they’ll work in all versions of the Switch and PS4. Copies will begin shipping out February 26, one day after  the digital Switch release.
Hellpoint is part Dark Souls, part Event Horizon. You’re a crew member of the ill-fated Irid Novo space station, and you wake up one day to find the entire station has been affected...
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