Hellbound, This Netflix thriller started as a Webtoon

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Hellbound is making waves at Netflix right now because of its fascinating lore. This Korean dark fantasy is making waves on social media right now.  South Korea’s entertainment industry is becoming more mainstream than ever. Do you hate reading subtitles? Hellbound is available for the dub in multiple languages.  People who love subs are more vocal online but people who watch dub are a silent majority. Hellbound is directed by  the man behind Train to Busan .
Director  Yeon Sang-ho already have plans for a second season, that is how confident he is with the success of this show.  It got released on November 19 and it became the most popular show on Netflix in just 24 hours. It has the potential to be good enough to compete against Squid Game. I can see more  South Korean shows coming to the streaming platform.
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Hellbound is set in a dark world...

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