The legendary manga series BASTARD!! is well known worldwide among manga fans. With over 30 million copies sold, the Shueisha published series is a mix of high fantasy and heavy metal the likes of which are only comparable to…well, Heavy Metal. Surprisingly, however, besides a short OVA run between 1992 and 1993, the series has never received a full length animation. Enter Liden Films and Netflix, with a 24 episode Original Net Animation!
Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy began publishing in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump  in 1988, moving to Ultra Jump in 2000, where it currently makes it’s home. Regretfully, the latest chapter was released in 2010 and the latest tankobon released in 2012, but the series maintains a strong cult following. Combining the mangaka’s love of heavy metal and high fantasy worlds like Dungeons & Dragons, the manga is full of references to his favorite bands. It was created and is written primarily by...

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Dark Schneider is the most powerful fictional character in existence. He can beat Goku, Superman and One Punch Man with one hand tied on the back. I always want a full anime series about him. Those OAVs never gave him justice. This guy can beat Beerus or Thanos with an ease!


Oh my god!
We were just discussing about this series the other day, and how upsetting it was that there were only six episodes and that the manga abruptly stopped during the last arc.


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I am so torn, I love the Manga but it's Netflix. Netflix have a habit of canceling shows before their time. How sure are we they can do this justice and finally animate the whole series.


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Wow! Bastard was a favorite of mine! I've been a fan of the anime since I first watched it in the 1990s. I never imagined it would be remade, despite the fact that I enjoyed the OVA back in the day. I'm hoping for a lot more episodes for this anime. I'm hoping Netflix doesn't screw this up like they always do. This was previously adapted into a six-episode anime series, although that was nearly two decades ago. A new script and enhanced animation, as well as new cast VAs, might really help this series become a hit. This is something I'm looking forward to. After that OVA, the manga continued, but many of the stories were not animated.


I am not familiar with this series but with the way you guys describe it, It is going to be like Jojo, A manga that took decades before it got a decent Anime adaptation.

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More dark fantasy animes are desperately needed!
I'd never heard of this series before, but the soundtrack alone is enough to get me to watch it!
I'm hoping this goes well; it has the potential to be a fantastic show.


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There was an anime adaptation back in the early 2000s but they suck because it didn't give justice to the legendary Manga! Dark Schneider can make One Punch Man look like Yamcha! He can beat any villain in Dragon Ball Super with an ease.


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When I heard the director talk so passionately about the respect and dignity this animation deserves, I almost sobbed. Since I was a kid in the 1990s, I've been yearning for this. It's like a fantasy come true. My favorite manga of all time!!! I'm expecting to finally receive the closure I've been looking for for ages. This makes me really pleased... VHS, DVDs, OSTs, artbooks, and action figures are all in my collection... I'm hoping that with this new series, they shine and that many more people get to know and enjoy the Dark Schneider!


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This looks to be fantastic! The trailer makes it appear to be a recreation of the OVA series, but I'm hoping for a full-fledged relaunch based on the manga! Whatever it turns out to be, it appears to be going to be fantastic! Let's hope for a summer release in 2022! I never imagined there would be another Bastard anime adaptation. And it actually seems extremely fantastic, so I'm really looking forward to this!