HeatMetal vs. Dogga


Who would win in a fight between W in HeatMetal form and Kiva in Dogga Form?
Dogga seems to be a bit stronger than HeatMetal but I think HeatMetal is much faster and agile. I think Shou and Phil can put some branding on Dogga.
so... you did this poll just to show off your AWESOME KAMEN RIDER FIGURES?!

good stuff sir :thumbs:

Lol, thanks man, whenever I make a "Who would win in a fight between these warriors?" thread I feel compelled to take a pic with figures.

As far as this particular bout, I'm still not certain myself who would win -- I do feel Kiva has more outright power between the two, but like Harakirikamakiri said, W is almost certainly faster and more agile. In this battle of Fire versus Lightning, it's hard to say who would be the victor.


Appo.. Nappo..
HeatMetal will win if the finish the match quickly by melting Dogga's weapon or else Dogga will crush W in an instant with a purple eye..

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