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HBO Max and Discovery Plus serve two completely different audiences: one craving prestige TV like Succession and the other demanding cheap reality sludge like 90 Day Fiance. The two don’t really blend, but thanks to the impending off-load of Warner Bros by AT&T into Discovery, they’re going to have to find a way to get along.
Variety reported today that the current plan is to merge both streaming services into one service. Why not a bundle instead? Because some suit doesn’t want a bundle, that’s why. “One of the most important items here is that we believe in a combined product as opposed to a bundle,” Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels is quoted as saying. “We believe that the breadth and depth of this content offering is going to be a phenomenal consumer value proposition.” He’s on the Discovery side, so he would say that.
The most crucial thing here is the price — it...

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Is the merger for America only? I am subscribed to discovery plus and if that merger is worldwide, I will end up having an HBO Max library.


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Discovery Plus have a lower chance of Survival on its own because it has nothing but Reality Shows and Documentaries. It lacks variety to keep people interested.
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As long as they don't hike the price for this merged service I guess it won't hurt anyone. Unless they want the subscribers pulling something similar to the Nexit (Netflix exit) they better play nice in the sandbox. 🤣 That Nexit idea just came up while I was imagining the possible outcomes.


What does the Fox say?
HBO Max and Discovery Plus are merging? What was that quote by the Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels? It's going to be “a phenomenal consumer value”. Yeah right. They're just combining together because they probably can't stay afloat financially if they continue to go it alone. But, of course, they won't say it that way to the public. 🤣