Comics Have any of you read The Runaways?


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Hello everybody! Just wondering if anybody here has read The Runaways. It's a marvel comic about a group of teenagers who are the children of a group of super villains. When they find out about their parents' true identities, they decide to oppose them and form a team. Each of them inherited a power or a magical item from their respective parent. There are some great cameos throughout the books as well (Wolverine, Spider-Man, etc.). If you haven't given it a chance yet, you should really check it out. The writing is very clever and the art is wonderful. If you have, let's discuss! I'd love to make some friends who enjoyed The Runaways as much as I did.


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I did. And I'm still bummed about the fact that Marvel ended its run with this title. It was actually pretty good.

I hope at some point later they bring it back, the series just ended with tons of questions that needed answers.

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I have not, but I actually have been meaning to at least look into them. I tend to get all sorts of recommendations from my friends, but this one just keeps coming up over and over, so I know that I need to look into it.

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