Books Has anyone ever read this book ?

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I read a great book, moved, and lost the book, and now I can't remember the name of it so that I can look for it again. I have tried searching for it on google by putting in all the information that I can remember about the book, in the hopes that it would pop up in a search, and I would then have a name . Then I could probably find it on eBay or amazon, if I can just get the title.

So, I was thinking that maybe someone else here that loves reading would also have read this book. It is about a lady , and I think her name is Callie, and she discovers that trees and plants can communicate with her.
At the same time that Callie is learning this, there is a group that is setting off from another place (and time ?) ,and the story dwells on their journey more than it does on Callie's life.

There is a little harem girl, and a flighty female named Blanche, and a prince or maybe two in the mix. They pick up more characters as they travel, and the whole troupe of them end up in Callie's back yard.
That is when we discover the truth about them, and I am not going to reveal that part here, because it would totally spoil the book should you happen to read it.
But if you have already read it, you will know exactly what I am talking about !

If this sounds familiar, please tell me what you think the name of the book is....
What kind of book is it? What is the genre of the book? Is it a thriller, suspense, or action book? The story sounds interesting.


Sounds really interesting!
I tried googling and the closest thing I got was 'The Language of Flowers' by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Hahaha
If it isn't the right one, do share with us when you find it as I would love to read it too. :)