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I have recently started reading books by Haruki Murakami. More than anything else I am upset that nobody told me about him before! I saw something about him on the T.V and found myself quite intrigued.

I'm in the middle of Dance, Dance, Dance which is my fourth book of his. I just love the way he makes the bizarre and strange seem like part of everyday life. He seems to work the science fiction aspects into his book so they don't overwhelm the story.

whenever I pick one of his books up I just can't put them down.


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I have Murakami on my 2015 to read list. Still not sure which books to pick out. I read 1Q84 last year and thought it was great. The only problem I had with 1Q84 is it got a little repetitive at times. Which book would you recommend?


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I've heard a lot about him but haven't gotten around to reading any of his books. TBH I'm kinda waiting to see one on sale in the Kindle store :p If I did amble along to the library though, where do you think I should start off? I'm told that Norwegian Wood is a good place to start!


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My sister talks about H. Murakami and I've seen this book titled "1Q84" in our shelf but I never really attempted to read it just yet but since I have read positive feedbacks about him, I'll try reading his books now.

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