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Harley Quinn Season 3 just dropped its first trailer to the tune of Joan Jett’s song Reputation. After enduring decades of an abusive relationship with Joker, Harley found a lover in her best friend, Poison Ivy. In Batman, The Animated series, they were only best friends. Their relationship in the 90s show is more motherly and sisterly. Fans began shipping them, so DC comics gave in subtle ways. Eventually, they became lovers in the comics, which is out of the open. No more subtleness because everything is now apparent! They are in love!
This series is the first romantic depiction of the two in Animated media.
Both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are Bisexual and had been in previous romantic relationships with men. In the comics, both of them are Polyamorous, but in this show, Ivy cancels...

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DC needs to recognize how fantastic this effort is and place more faith in this show. Hopefully, the live-action versions will incorporate these romantic themes. It will be difficult to wait until the end of July, but I will. I was interested in learning when this show might return. The way things change is interesting. I've gone from thinking this show looks god-awful after watching the season 1 teaser to being eager for season 3 now.


I was unaware that there would be a third season because I assumed they had finished after the second. I like Harley with Joker, but it doesn't really matter because it already failed when they decided to make Harley and Ivy an item, which in my opinion was extremely unnecessary because our friendship worked well enough. The first couple, they are.


@Dreamseer Joker and Ivy should never be together again. It sends a bad message! Women in abusive relationship should never go back to men who abused them. Ivy is the best thing that happened to Harley.


This show instantly enters my top 10 due to the fact that James Gunn appeared on it in his self!For this, I'm so ready. This teaser has heightened my excitement and has rescued my bad day. I'm very happy Bane will return for season 3. He was fantastic in the first and second seasons. I thought he kicked the bucket but here he is, alive and kicking.


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I want to see Clayface as Stephanie again. I wonder if we will still see Harley and Ivy together in live action.


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I always loved Hailey Queen in joker. Her character was awesome. I'm just worried they're going to break up.
I always loved Hailey Queen in joker. Her character was awesome. I'm just worried they're going to break up.
She already broke with Joker, Harley is Bisexual so she is dating Poison Ivy now who is not abusive to her. The healthiest relationship she ever had. She occasionally bangs Batman.