Hard Drive Crashed

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Yup, so everything I had on my computer is now gone...I'm typing this from my sister's laptop:shakefist:

Luckily, I got most of my songs on my iPod. Is there a way of transfering the songs from the iPod over to the computer when I get it fixed?


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yeah but you must have a Ipod explorer software to do so. My cousin has one. but to be honest, it will be a hard thing to find one for free.


that sucks for you man. iono if you can still do that if your HD already crashed. that happened to me a few times in the past also. i recently bought an external 1TB HD and i transfer most of the files on my pc there in case my internal HD crashes.


I suggest yall get a program called nortan ghost then you can make a back up of all you're stuff :S or at least it saves you from having to reinstall all you're basic setup & settings :S


This is why I always back up my files, I'm notoriously bad with computers. I've never had one completely crash on me though. My brothers friend is a computer tech and he's always been able to restore everything if it ever melts down.


AFAIK, you could browse your old HDD, the one that crashed, to get all your files by connecting it via USB. That's how the technician do when my internal HDD crashed. I recovered my Den-O and Geki episodes that I downloaded. In that case, I decided to buy an external HDD.

In short, you can recover all your stuff there. 'Coz all that crashed is your OS not the HDD. But when you connect it via USB and it don't detect it, then your HDD is already broken.

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