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Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween….2021? That may be the time kids can actually start safely trick-or-treating again, but it will also be the month Universal releases Halloween Kills, the second movie of the planned “Laurie Strode as a senior citizen badass” trilogy.
And despite that release being so far away, we received the first teaser trailer this morning. It starts where the 2018 Halloween left off, with Mike Myers trapped inside a burning building. Come on, flames, finish him off, Laurie hopes! But then fire trucks arrive and start hooking up their hoses. “NO,” Laurie screams, “YOU CAN LET THIS ONE BURN — REALLY, THIS IS THE ONE EXCEPTION!” They don’t listen. Myers survives to kill again!

Upon the release of the Halloween Kills teaser, director David Gordon Green and producer John Carpenter posted an update to Twitter on the film’s status. They reveal the movie has...
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It makes sense to just push things back a bit. They is not much people can do right now. They just launched a mandatory mask law in my area so if you go outside your house in the public and don't have a mask, they will fine you. Nuts world we live in right now. I feel bad for the kids who won't be able to trick or treat this year. I already know it will get canceled. We haven't even reached flu season yet and everything is already a mess.